NaBloPoMo ’07 – here’s what I wrote

So if you’ve got this far, you will know that NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month – the writing challenge where you undertake to write a post a day on your blog for the entire month of November.  It’s kind of NaNoWriMo for scaredy cats.

Colour me scared.

But I reckoned that I needed some sort of writing challenge and NaBloPoMo seemed to be the logical place to start.  Just to prove that I did not post “I am a fish I am a fish I am a fish I am a fish” every day, here’s the complete record of what I’ve been writing about this month:

Thursday 1 November – A post a day for NaBloPoMo

Friday 2 November – Broad bean, cheese and ham tart

Saturday 3 November – Pizza inspirations – fig, Brie and Prosciutto

Sunday 4 November – San Lorenzo tasting dinner at Osteria dell’Arancio

Monday 5 November – Waiter, there’s something in my… topless tart!

Tuesday 6 November – Chicken biryani for lazy cooks

Wednesday 7 November – J-E-A-N-N-E spells…

Thursday 8 November – Ham, cheese and paprika muffins

Friday 9 November – This could be heaven or this could be hell – Marmite cheese spread

Saturday 10 November – Cilantro, cucumber and tomato salad

Sunday 11 November – Pizza inspirations – Mozzarella, basil and slow-roast tomtoes

Monday 12 November – Neptune Oyster and 2 days in Boston

Tuesday 13 November – Wholly mackerel!

Wednesday 14 November – Wild Honey

Thursday 15 November – Moira’s New England clam chowder

Friday 16 November – Cranberry apple bran muffins – virtue never tasted so good

Saturday 17 November – Chocolate prune and Armagnac cake

Sunday 18 November – Mushroom mozzarella and chive omelettes

Monday 19 November – For the love of pasta…

Tuesday 20 November – Seabass stuffed with fennel and olives

Wednesday 21 November – Harira

Thursday 22 November – Vivat Bacchus

Friday 23 November – If life gives you leftover roast lamb, make lamb Stroganoff!

Saturday 24 November – Couldn’t-be-easier butternut squash bake

Sunday 25 November – Proudly South African verjuice

Monday 26 November – NaBloPoMo, WTSIM, the best laid plans – and some gratuitous chile pics

Tuesday 27 November – Waiter, there’s something in my… melktert!

Wednesday 28 November – Slow-roast lamb – or why I love Nigel Slater

Thursday 29 November – Menu for Hope IV – spotlight on Lesotho

Friday 30 November – Mushroom soup – it started with a duck