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PRs and advertisers – please read this first before contacting me about potential opportunities.  It will save us both some time and effort!

I have been blogging at CookSister since May 2004 and the blog has built up a solid following.  My traffic stats (available upon request) are healthy and consistent – here are some general facts and figures:

  • CookSister’s readers are overwhelmingly located in the USA, UK and South Africa.
  • CookSister has over 1,800 Facebook followers  (Cooksister’s Networked Blogs and  fan page combined) ;
  • I have over 7,400 Twitter followers.
  • I have over 1,200 Instagram followers.
  • I have over 2,400 Pinterest followers.
  • I have a Klout score of about 61.
  • CookSister has a Google Pagerank of 5.
  • CookSister has been ranked no. 1 seven times since December 2013 on the Foodies 100 UK food blog influence rankings.

I have a day job, so I am not usually able to attend daytime events.  However, should the event involve travel outside London and be particularly interesting to me, I can arrange time off to attend, provided that I am given enough advance notice.  Although I do not support myself financially from this blog, please note that my leisure time is valuable to me.  If a PR agency is being paid by their client, I see no reason why I need to work for the PR agency for free, whether this is in the form of  providing free content; developing recipes;  hosting a giveaway; or any other time-intensive activity.  You do not work for free, so please do not expect me to do so.

I do not generally:

  • post press releases, videos, or other content on CookSister that I did not generate myself, even for payment - so please do not ask me to do so.  If you want to display something on my blog, contact me for advertising rates.
  • review or write about an event, product or place that I have not experienced or sampled
  • write a product review that does not include a recipe of some sort using that product
  • include paid for links in posts
  • fail to disclose that a review or link in a post is sponsored or utilised free samples (and yes, I have been asked not to disclose this.  This violates trading standards rules, so please do not ever ask me to do so!)
  • host giveaways, unless I feel the prize would be of real benefit to my readers (to give you an idea – I only hosted one giveaway at the request of a PR  in the past year,  and that was to give away a free flight to San Francisco). Giveaways take work and I reserve the right to charge an appropriate fee for hosting them.
  • work for free “in exchange for exposure on our website”

If you send me a sample or to an event, I will write about it at my sole discretion and I will retain full editorial control of every post.  I will only include a link where I think it is appropriate, not because I have been told to.  If you would like your product, logo or link to appear on my website, the only way of ensuring that this happens is to buy advertising space.  I am willing to consider selling both banner/sidebar ads and but PLEASE NOTE that these will all be nofollow links - this means that the link will still click through to your site, but the fact that I am linking to you will not be taken into account in determining your Google PageRank.  The reason why I do this is because of this rule made by Google - I will not jeopardise my own site’s PageRank and reputation for the sake of earning a quick buck. 

I am always happy to hear about the following opportunities from PRs:

  • Food and drink related events or launches such as:
  • Press trips – examples of the quality of travel posts and images I produce include:
  • Speaking or teaching opportunities

Click here for my speaking portfolio

  • Restaurant reviews - examples of the quality of my restaurant coverage include:
  • Recipe development opportunities -  examples of recipes I have developed for brands include:
  • Freelance writing opportunities

Click here for my print and online published writing portfolio

  • Freelance photography opportunities (products, destinations or venues)

Portfolio coming soon.


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