Quick chilli con carne

December 28, 2008

  When I was a kid, we definitely had certain food associated with certain days. Fish and chips or Cranzgots pizzas were for Friday afternoons.  Fondues were for a treat on Friday nights (come on, it was the 1970s!).  Saturday afternoons, depending on the season, were for corn on the cob; omelettes with garlic bread; or […]

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Spicy green tomato and apple chutney – move over, Mrs Ball!

November 23, 2008

I like to believe that things happen for a reason. The reason is sometimes frustratingly not apparent at the time when things are happening, but if you wait long enough, nine times out of ten the reason becomes apparent later. If things had gone according to plan, I would have planted my Moneymaker tomatoes, lovingly […]

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Seared tuna with a red pepper & clementine salsa – and dining out in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth

February 12, 2005

 Damn my procrastination problem, damn it to hell!!  Who else do you know who spent a week in South African in June  (June, people!) and by the end of the year had still not got round to writing it up for her blog?  Well, no prizes for guessing.  And now I have a week’s worth […]

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