Waiter, there’s something in my… topless tart!


Wtsim_nov_button_red_smallOK, you can stop all that juvenile giggling at the back of the class.  And before concerned food blogging moms get NetNanny to block my site forever more, let me point out that this is serious business and we don’t have time for fooling around… 😉

The ever-popular Waiter, There’s Something in My… event is back in it’s 11th incarnation, and this month it’s my turn to host.  We have had some great themes over the months – stews, meatless barbecue, savoury preserves and the like, and I knew I’d have to get creative to come up with a great new theme to challenge you.  After much debate, I reckoned that if Andrew can get saucy, what’s to stop me going topless??!

As far as the tart part goes, let’s see…. could I be referring to:

a) a woman of ill repute; or

b) a pastry dish, similar to a pie, but different in that the top is open and not covered with pastry?

Luckily for you there will be no risque pictures of an improperly attired Cooksister appearing on these pages – it’s option b) all the way!  I figured after the amount of energy that people put into trying to convince me that their topless creations were pies back in February, there must be an untapped wealth of tart recipes floating around out there – so let’s get ’em out and show ’em off.  So to speak. 😉

Before we start another debate on what is or isn’t a tart, let me make it clear that a tart has NO TOP CRUST.  In other words, the filling is clearly visible because there is nothing covering it – not a pastry lid, not a crumble, not a layer of mashed potato.  Nada. Zip. Nothing.  We are talking quiches, flans and tartes tatin. Savoury, sweet, hot cold – I don’t mind.  Just topless.  This is a savoury tart.  This is a sweet tart.  This is a pie and not eligible.  See?  Easy!

Here is the fine print:

1. Write up your topless tart recipe (NB – no topping!) and please link back to this announcement in your post.

2.  E-mail me.  Please make sure that Waiter there’s something in my features in the subject line.

3. In the e-mail please include:

  • the URL of your entry
  • your blog’s name
  • the name of the dish
  • your approximate location

4.  The deadline for entries is Monday 26 November and I hope to have the roundup posted by the end of that week.

So throw away your bras pastry lids and let’s all get topless :)

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  1. says

    “No time for fooling around” eh?! (Hmmmm, that sounds like a challenge to me… ;-)) Completely topless?! Nothing at all covering the filling? Not even the tiniest bit of cross-hatched pastry? Completely naked???? 😀
    Well, rats, I missed getting my layered cake done on time (my sister and I are going to be making our annual multi-layered Christmas cake next week…) but I really will try to get the topless tart made by the 26th (Yikes! Is there NO end to the pun possibilities here?? :-D)

  2. says

    Topless tarts? Now that’s something I know about!*
    Sounds like the perfect excuse to start blogging again…
    (*The culinary version, anyway)

  3. says

    Can crustless flan count as a tart? You mention flan above, but I want to be sure that what I know as flan is the same thing! (sorry if this is a silly question! I have thought about making it for SO LONG, and this just might corner me!)

  4. says

    Hi EJM
    Awwww, I know you love a challenge…! And as for pun possibilities – why do you think I chose it?! Can’t wait to see what devious plan you come up with 😉
    Hi Patricia
    Oh you betcha! Look forward both to your tart AND your puns!
    Hi Bill
    Oh yes, I can vouch for that – the man knows his topless tarts! The one you brought to Henley was quite something 😉 Hope that playing to your strengths with this theme will kick-start the blog!
    Hi Gretchen
    Oh what the heck – yes. It’s not the crust we are worrying about, is it – it’s the lack of a top. And flam certainly qualifies on that score :)

  5. says

    WTSIM – Topless Tart – Individual Red Currant Tartes

    Cook Sister! is hosting the 11th incarnation of the Waiter there’s something in my…-event, and she chose topless tarts as the challenge.
    Although it is winter and the first snow flakes have started to dance in front of my window, I have decided on

  6. Spittoon Extra says

    Kentish Pudding Pie Tarts

    I seem to have cocked up somewhere – I’ve made a dozen of these little tarts and have a huge mass of the rice/cream mixture hardening to concrete in the mixing bowl. Perhaps mine are a little too small -…

  7. says

    I’ve been tinkering with a gluten free frangipane and membrillo tart that I would like to submit – does the frangipane count as a top though? I’d like to do something properly topless and I don’t want you to think I’m being prudish, or not willing to go topless – I mean I’m up for a topless tart etc etc…..

  8. says

    What a tart!

    A tart indeed…a dark chocolate mousse tart with raspberries on top. This is my entry for this month’s Waiter there’s something in my…topless tart, being hosted by Cook Sister. I got up at 8am today and started making this rather

  9. make life sweeter! says

    WTSIM – Clementine and lemon tart

    I have been baking all week for a high tea I organized for some of my dearest friends. This tart was one of the goodies I made and it’s also my entry for the ‘Topless tart’ edition of WTSIM that is hosted by Cook Sister! this month. The tart has a sim

  10. Tina..SweetDesigns says

    Hi there, I sent 2 emails about my entry, but am not sure if you actually got them. I didn’t hear anything, though I am sure you are super busy with such a wonderful topic and the passing holiday. I was just worried I didn’t do it right haha.