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Kousa mahshi (Lebanese stuffed courgettes)

Thumbnail image for Kousa mahshi (Lebanese stuffed courgettes) October 13, 2014

This delicious dish of mince and rice-stuffed courgettes is served throughout the Middle East – and it’s gluten and dairy free!

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Carrot and cumin soup and a 66 Square Feet recipe book giveaway

Thumbnail image for Carrot and cumin soup and a 66 Square Feet recipe book giveaway January 31, 2014

There’s a wonderful Afrikaans poem called Sproeireën by DJ Opperman that starts: My nooi is in ‘n nartjie, my ouma in kaneel, daar’s iemand …. iemand in anys, daar’s ‘n vrou in elke geur! Roughly translated, this reads: “My sweetheart is in a clementine; my grandma is in cinnamon; there’s somebody… somebody in anise; there’s […]

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Thai-spiced roast pumpkin soup

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My hometown of Port Elizabeth has many great characteristics.  It has great people who are friendly and welcoming.  It has miles of pristine beaches.  It has all the amenities of a big city while still being a comfortably manageable size. But what it doesn’t have is four noticeable seasons. Obviously, there is summer – a […]

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Curried vegetable potjiekos

Thumbnail image for Curried vegetable potjiekos June 29, 2010

  A colleague of mine recently returned from a week of watching FIFA 2010 World Cup football in South Africa.  He said the football was so-so, but he loved the country – and the food.  Because he stayed with friends rather than in a hotel, he really got to eat what the locals ate.  The first […]

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Spicy Moroccan chicken tagine

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I am a firm believer that there are a number of ways in which the world can definitively be divided into two types of people: People who can touch their toes and those who can’t. People who are fundamentally dishonest and those who aren’t. Starfish sleepers and corpse sleepers. And people who love hot chilli […]

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