August 2007

I’m back – with the Expat Meme

August 30, 2007

The fact that I have come back from my holiday with the best tan I’ve had all summer seem to me to be an indication of the dismal summer we’ve been having in England.  I mean… long, languid days; mosquito sprays; sundresses; and sultry, humid nights aren’t the first things that spring to mind when […]

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WTSIM#8 – Roasted butternut on the barbecue stuffed with spinach and feta

August 25, 2007

As I’ve written on this blog before, the South African braai is usually a meat-heavy affair.  Sure, there may be salads on the side, but essentially it’s all about protein.  Pity the poor vegetarian who arrives unannounced at the average braai. It’s going to be a long night picking over the salads, mate!  All of […]

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High tea at the Westcliff Hotel

August 23, 2007

As I have mentioned, I recently went home to sunny South Africa for my father’s birthday.  Never one to miss out on dining opportunities, I had also arranged to stay in Johannesburg for a night on the way down so that I could see some friends and (with a bit of luck) try out some […]

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August 20, 2007

The City of London is a wonderful place.  For those of you not from London, let me explain that when I say The City, I don’t mean the whole of London, the West End, Chelsea, Islington, Greenwich, Hammersmith and the like.  No, that’s Greater London.  The City of London, on the other hand, refers to […]

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Peppermint Crisp fridge tart – local really is “lekker”

August 19, 2007

A criticism of South Africans (and pretty much all antipodeans in London) is that we arrive from sunnier Southern climes, find jobs, find accommodation and then proceed to live in little self-imposed ghettoes, socialising only with other South Africans, eating only out of South African shops, drinking in South African-themed bars, wearing Sprinkbok rugby jerseys […]

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A visual wine tasting note

August 17, 2007

Gotta love Andrew – he’s always setting some sort of challenge for his friends ;-)  This time, it’s to produce a visual tasting note of a wine. Now we all know how much I love words and what an astonishing number of them I can fit into a post, so for me, this is quite […]

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Salmon en croute – or what to do with a huge side of salmon

August 15, 2007

As far as I’m concerned, one of the best reasons for living over here in England is the salmon.  Growing up in South Africa, I think I can count on the fingers of one hand the times I had fresh salmon.  Smoked salmon – yes, every special occasion.  Cape salmon – quite regularly.  But the […]

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