Chicken and chanterelle mushroom fricassee

Thumbnail image for Chicken and chanterelle mushroom fricassee October 24, 2012

  Everyone who has seen the spellbinding film Amadeus must at some time have pondered thisquestion:  how do you know which cultural artefacts from your time will survive for centuries to come, and which will sink into the mists of obscurity?  In the film, we see the parallel stories of approximate contemporaries Antonio Salieri and Wolfgang Amadeus […]

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Spicy Moroccan chicken tagine

Thumbnail image for Spicy Moroccan chicken tagine April 1, 2010

I am a firm believer that there are a number of ways in which the world can definitively be divided into two types of people: People who can touch their toes and those who can’t. People who are fundamentally dishonest and those who aren’t. Starfish sleepers and corpse sleepers. And people who love hot chilli […]

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Spanish chicken bake with butter beans, chorizo and olives

February 26, 2009

I always wonder how some dishes got their names – particularly names that ascribe a certain national heritage to a dish, but which dish you won’t find on a single menu in its alleged coutry of origin. I have a recipe which I got from a friend in high school or shortly afterwards, and which my […]

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Chicken, sun-dried tomato & mustard pasta sauce

November 13, 2008

Saga update: No boiler.  No heat.  No comment. Since the start of the Death of a Boiler saga on Monday, I have found myself spending more and more time at the house of my lovely neighbour P. (Troy‘s owner).  This is partly because she has a working shower and central heating (!), partly because she […]

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Smoked chicken on the BBQ with curried stuffing

July 18, 2008

  One of the hottest food debates in the media in recent weeks has centred on the provenance of everybody’s favourite white meat – chicken.  In a nutshell, it boils down to the interests of Big Business (i.e. making lots of money fast) versus the interests of the chickens (i.e. having a safe and healthy life). […]

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Chicken with fennel, spices and cream

Thumbnail image for Chicken with fennel, spices and cream May 16, 2007

I can be such a dork.  A couple of weeks ago while catching up on my blog reading, I came across an event run by Barbara of Winos and Foodies called A Taste of Yellow.  Most of you are already familiar with the yellow Livestrong armbands that aim to raise funds for and awareness of […]

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Honey-roast chicken: how chicken is meant to taste

June 4, 2004

Don’t you love making a dish that makes you feel as if you are ten years old again? It has to be something that gets really down-and-dirty messy and involves you getting elbow-deep in ingredients, but preferably also something reasonably simple. I remember spending loads of time as a child “helping” my mom cook and […]

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