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Stuffed courgettes

Thumbnail image for Stuffed courgettes September 23, 2010

Remember- today is the last day to get your barbecue and braai recipes to me by for the Braai, the Beloved Country event to celebrate South Africa’s Heritage Day this month! To paraphrase Baldrick in Blackadder (one of my favourite TV series of all time), there are few things on this planet as universally amusing as […]

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Cheezas for my cheesy friends

Thumbnail image for Cheezas for my cheesy friends May 11, 2010

Age is a funny thing.  You don’t feel old, you may not look old, but every now and then you have a flash of realisation that the world has changed so much since you were a kid that you must, to some extent, be old.  Or at least older than some people!  I look at […]

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Stuffed gem squash with savoury mince

December 12, 2005

Remember the excitement of a new relationship?  That wonderful time when you’ve just met somebody special and you are just mesmerised by every new fact you discover about them, and how you agonise over the things you do not yet know about them?  Awww, how adorable, he likes science fiction.  OMG, what if he has […]

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