Saturday Snapshots #77


Phoenix – August 2008

I don’t miss a lot of things about our old house.  I don’t miss the relentlessly blue carpet with no discernible underlay.  I don’t miss the poky kitchen and its minuscule cooker.  I don’t miss the creaky bed and its tired mattress.  But I do miss our lovely neighbour and her gorgeous, funny, affectionate, crazy cats.  You’ve already met Troy and Ronaldo – now meet Phoenix, who has a good measure of Norwegian forest cat in his genes.  He is a beauty, and he also knows how to open doors, including the fridge (a habit that does not endear him to his owner!).

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  1. says

    My mother’s favorite, even more prized then her three daughters, is her cat Sonia, who looks just like Phoenix’s long lost twin sister. She’s not nearly as smart as he sounds though, so she must rely on her looks to get by :) I love your picture, he looks very regal.

  2. says

    Gorgeous pic! He looks very like our cat: christened Freddy, he now is only ever called Fluff. He’s also a great character, but luckily hasn’t learnt the door trick!

  3. says

    That is a fabulous photograph of Phoenix! He’s a beauty. I love cats. I’m housesitting in Washington state (USA)for about ten days and three Maine Coon cats are my charges (along with sheep, chickens and ducks) and I think Phoenix looks a lot like these cats!!