Nectarine and coriander leaf salsa with seared tuna steaks


IMG_4073 - editedTitle It may not be particularly summery in London, but if you read as many blogs as often as I do, then you will start to experience summer vicariously through all the lovely summery dishes that people like Susan, Kalyn and David, Pille and Anne have been posting.  Clearly in some parts of the world it has been hot – just not here – so I'm enjoying it vicariously.

A sort of summer by proxy, if you will.

The summery delights that have tempted me the most include watermelon recipes, 101 uses for blueberries, and… salsas.  It seems everybody's doing it this summer

And eventually I could take it no more.  Must.  Have.  Salsa.

And not any old salsa – a fruit salsa was what I was after.  And what I usually crave with a fruity salsa is a tuna steak, just barely seared.  When Nick went shopping last weekend, I asked him to get tuna steaks.  He came home with… two whole sea bass.  Umm… lovely, dear, but where's my tuna?  He had decided that tuna was too expensive if not on special, and that sea bass would do just fine.  Now, wonderful as sea bass is, it isn't tuna.  And my craving was not to be denied.  Must. Have. Tuna. With. Salsa.

So I subsequently went to the supermarket myself (you know what they say about if you want a job done properly…!) and picked up two small and beautifully fresh tuna steaks.  Expensive… but I'm worth it.  I already knew that the nectarines in the fridge would form the backbone of the salsa, but we still needed some bite.  What better to provide a counterpoint to the sweetness of nectarines and ripe tomatoes but coriander leaf (a.k.a. cilantro or dhania).  I've already written reams about this wonderful herb that people either love or hate, so I'm not going to repeat myself.  Suffice to say that if you are a lover of cilantro, the fresh, green zing that it adds to this salsa is its crowning glory. 

If you're not a lover of cilantro, of course, it ruins the entire dish 😉

NOTES: The tuna steaks were prepared super-simply:  brushed with sunflower oil, sprinkled liberally with Thai seven spice mix, then seared on a pre-heated cast iron skillet for no more than a minute per side to get that wonderful pink interior.  You can cook them for longer if you don't share my taste for almost-sushi-raw tuna.  As a starch, I made couscous and added finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes for flavour.  I had no red onions to hand for the salsa, but would recommend them instead of white.



1 fully ripe nectarine
1 fully ripe tomato
1/2 a sweet red onion
a good handful of coriander leaves
2 Tbsp sesame oil
1 Tbsp raspberry vinegar


Finely chop the nectarine, tomato and onion.  Mix in a bowl with the coriander, oil and vinegar.  Allow to stand for 10 minutes or so before serving.

NectarineSalsaBowl NectarineSalsaTuna

Whb_2_yrs_2The charming hostess for Kalyn's event Weekend Herb Blogging this weekend is the lovely Katie from Thyme for Cooking - do check her site for the roundup this week!

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  1. says

    Super-pink tuna, and cilantro in the salsa… this is most definitely my kinda food!
    ps. it’s dull in Brighton too – reading sunnily chirpy food blogs only cheers me up so much 😉

  2. says

    I’m trying to get my mind around ‘pan-seared sea bass’. Nope, not working!
    The tuna looks wonderful! And yes you are worth it… I would have done the same, I love tuna! But I would have had to put parsley in that lovely salsa (sorry).
    Sunny in the Vendee for TWO days in a row. Must be our summer, finally!

  3. says

    Oh yes! My summer has been ruled by the watermelon salsa and all the time I was ignoring the nectarines! Why have I not made this yet? Love it. Nectarines are one of my favourite fruits and I am missing out on a whole new way to eat them. Fool!

  4. Browniegirl says

    WOW! This looks stunning Jeanne, you’ve given me hope, in the midst of the foulest weather Cape Town has had this year :( that summer will get here eventually and it looks great!!! These flavours all appeal to me, come on summer!!! Thanx so much for popping in at my blog.

  5. dawnielle says

    I think I know what I’m making for dinner tomorrow! Amazing, as usual! I had tuna earlier this week, and I could eat it again and again and again!

  6. says

    I love coriander and I’m always jealous of your salsa recipes 😉 My partner does not really like salads with fruits but I made once scallops with mango and corainder salsa, it was delicious. I’m adding also recently lots of coriander to cooked rice, with some tomatoes, spring onions, arugula and peppers…. our favourite way to eat rice recently.

  7. says

    Yes, we are having quite a summer. For a while it was definitely too hot. I try not to complain about that because I really do like the heat, but it was over 100F for weeks. Now we are having perfect weather, sunny but with a crisp feel to the air. Love the sound of this salsa. Nectarines are one of my favorite fruits and of course anything with cilantro is wonderful for me.