The EoMEoTE#7 round-up: Eggstremely poetic!

OK, you’ve waited long enough, are you ready for this?? Today you finally get to see the EoMEoTE#7 round-up! Apologies once again for the delay in getting it out but, as explained elsewhere on this blog, events kind of overtook me. But I hope that you will forgive me when you see the sheer number of entries and the mind-bogglingly bad limericks I’ve composed to go with them all…! This month, we had (wait for it) thirty contributions!  Al all time record – well done to all of you!

Karen from The Pilgrim’s Pots and Pans:

A young Filipina girl

Thought she’d give egg on toast a whirl.

Her breakfast of pistou

Just makes you wish you

Could taste all the flavours unfurl!

Julia from AromaCookery:

Our Julia (who’s not from Nantucket)

Felt fusion food was good luck.

So for her post

Focaccia did she toast,

All topped with otak-otak.

Stephanie from Dispensing Happiness:

Stephanie, the Happiness queen,

Chose to do omelettes with praline.

So delicious is sounds,

There was drooling all round,

But it certainly ain’t lean cuisine!

Sweetnicks from Sweetnicks:

In New Jersey Sweetnicks said:

“I’ll use pizza instead of bread!”

A pizza with egg?

Must be pulling my leg…

But it seems she was very well fed!

Saffron from Writing on a Paper Napkin:

Posts from Saffron just seem to get better:

She followed my instructions to the letter.

What she threw on a plate

Just looks so great:

Not just eggs, also salmon and feta!

Sylvie from Soul Fusion Kitchen:

Young Sylvie lives on the west coast:

She’s the eggy chef with the most.

With onions for flavour,

Panko crumbs find favour:

More toast on egg than egg on toast!

Nicole from Craftapalooza:

The first thing that our Nicole said,

The minute she got out of bed,

Was: “I’m no great baker,

But I got a sandwich maker,

So I’ll cook bacon and nice eggy bread!”

Pinkcocoa from Pinkcocoa Tabetai:

Young ‘Cocoa in Sydney was craving

Egg rolls, and some veg she was saving.

Bread and veg got wrapped

In an egg – now it’s trapped,

And her culinary audience is raving!

Clare from Eat Stuff:

Clare (we hear!) loves to eat

And decided she needed a treat:

French was the toast,

She loves it the most.

Stuffed with blackberry jam it tastes neat.

Gwenda from Taott:

Gwenda from Taott was torn:

Egg of mushroom? An idea was born.

Our charming host

Made egg, mushrooms AND toast.

And the photo? Well, it’s sheer foodporn!

Sue from Noodlebowl:

From Noodlebowl we have Sue

Who knows just what to do.

When it’s eggs she bakes,

No shortcuts she takes

Adding mushrooms, tomato – bacon too!

Moira from Who Wants Seconds:

Moira, we just wanna be ya!

You’re so fab – so we just wanna see ya

Cook eggs and grate cheddar

Add avo (even better!),

All wrapped in a flour tortilla!

Jennifer from Quinoa:

In Baja our Jennifer found

The loveliest dish around.

Craving beans and cones

She tried it at home –

Add an egg and there’s cheers all around.

McAuliflower from Browniepoints:

With the ‘Flower , food’s an adventure

Spurning bread, she chose polenta.

“But ‘Flower” I beg,

“Where’s the egg?”

“Are you blind?” she replies – “In the centre!”

Culinary fool from Culinary Fool:

Monte Cristos from Culinary Fool –

Just the pictures could make me drool!

It’ll all stick together,

Whatever the weather

‘Cos cheese between layers is the rule.

Augustus Gloop from Grab Your Fork:

In Sydney an idea was born.

Said Augustus “I’ll make fritters of corn!”

A recipe from Bill

Her tastebuds did thrill:

The ideal breakfast in the morn!

Chubby Hubby from Chubby Hubby:

The Hubby from Singapore

Made a sandwich I would adore.

Croque madame’s just the ticket

If you bite, chew, or lick it.

Please, Sir, can we have some more??

Cath from Eatzybitzy:

An omelette full of legumes

Is what Catherine cooks and consumes.

She ate and ate,

The taste was great –

But now how to get rid of the fumes??!

Lady Amalthea from NoshesThoughtsReves:

In Paris Amalthea toiled

To make eggs that were hard-boiled.

The taste? Ooh la la!

The dish was a star –

Her hunger pangs had been foiled!

Andrew from Spittoon:

A chance did Andrew take

When walnut bread he did bake.

It turned out just right

But then he got a fright –

Never toasted the bread: his mistake!

Mrs D from Belly Timber:

Mrs D had my mind in a tizz –

Her eggs in nests are the biz!

But my eye was caught,

I had only one though:

My! What a big chopper that is!!

Christina from Peasprout Spouts:

Christina from Peasprout Spouts

Shows what egg toasts are all about.

With jalapeno cheese

And sourdough – oh please,

With cooking like this, who’d go out?!

Viv from Seattle Bon Vivant:

Viv went out – she had no time to spare.

Ate ham with eggs and Gruyere.

The glorious food

For my tongue would be good –

But bad for my big derriere!!

Upulie from Upulie:

Young Upulie made oeufs en cocotte

With saffron she likes them a lot.

The method’s unusual

(sadly, no visuals..)

Are they boiled? are they fried? I think not!

Nupur from One Hot Stove:

There was a young girl from Noo Yawk

Whose parents would often tawk

Of dishes they made

In their own student days:

Yummy egg floats, so quick, grab your fawk!

Sarah from The Delicious Life:

This recipe Sarah’s been saving

For when Southern Fried Eggs she’s a-craving.

With sausage and gravy,

They’re delish – that’s no maybe

It’s goodbye to her diet she’s waving!

Johanna from The Passionate Cook

The Passionate Cook Johanna

Had an eggy idea that’s a runna:

Peperoni she sliced

And herbs she diced –

With olives and eggs it’s a stunna!

Bringing up the rear on this bumper edition of eggcelence we have the two co-founders who, all those many many months ago, planted the seed that grew into the mighty oak that is EoMEoTE:

Anthony from Spiceblog:

Young Anthony in Perth’s a good egg

He’ll always be pulling your leg.

But we’re begging you please

We’re down on our knees:

Just tell us: who exactly is Greg??

Jeanne from Cooksister!:

A girl from London’s East

Felt that her inspiration had ceased.

Then she hit some luck,

Found eggs of duck,

And recreated Dr Seuss’s feast!

And last but by no means least, we have the lovely Elizabeth.  Well, she didn’t actually have any eggs and despite her well-reasoned argument, I don’t accept vaguely egg-shaped mushrooms as a reasonable facsimile of eggs. 😉  However…  she is the only one of you who remembered my decree last month that all this months’ entries were to be submitted as Petrarchan sonnets (that is, before I took pity on myself and everyone else and downgraded that to limericks!!) and wrote one!! Just for that, she gets an honourary place in this month’s round-up.  Elizabeth – you’re a star!!

Elizabeth from Blog from our Kitchen:

Cooksister demanded (and got) a sonnet

And Elizabeth now has to con it:

The sonnet was there

But the fridge was bare!

So though there’s toast, there’s no egg on it!

And just to show that I share your suffering, here’s my sonnet:

To boil or to scramble or to fry:

These questions occupy my every thought.

I rummage through old cookbooks I have bought –

A brand new eggy dish I have to try.

And all my friends, perplexed, are asking why,

In what strange fascination am I caught?

Why is it that each month-end is so fraught,

And tons of eggs and bread I have to buy?

I turn around with my mysterious smile.

“It’s E-o-Me-o-Te” I say to them.

So come and play along just for a while

You’ll soon get bitten by the cooking bug hen.

So I collect a growing band of friends

Who egg me on and join in each month-end.

I hesitate to suggest something even scarier next month – maybe an EoMEoTE submission in the form of a short dramatic work??  The imagination runs wild.  One flew over the chicken’s nest.  Layer Cake. Cluck back in anger.

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  1. Jeanne says

    Hi Stephanie!
    Thanks – thanks for the compliment! I did them in 5 minute bite-sized chunks, so didn’t have to quit my day job… But I do often wish blogging had been around when I was a scholar or a student and had serious amounts of free time!
    Hi Culinary Fool
    Glad you enjoyed them – I must admit, I was giggling when I wrote some of these… Took about 3 days but as I said to Stephanie, I did them in tiny increments throughout the day, otherwise I’d get all limericked out!
    Hi Sarah
    Ooops – got egg on my face for that one!! But it’s included now, personalised limerick and all. Hope you can forgive me!
    Hi Alan
    Aaaah, great minds and all that…! Funny you should mention WBW – I got so carried away with this round-up that I completely forgot to participate in WBW! :-( Ah well, there’s always next month!
    Hey Moira!
    Thanks *blush*!! I’ve often told people who ask my how I can always rememebr trivia and dirty jokes that I cleared all the practical, useful stuff out years ago to make way for trivia, jokes and bad poetry… 😀

  2. says

    I cannot believe what you’ve done!
    All twenty nine poems that you’ve spun!
    When she got out of bed
    Each limerick new
    And a sonnet – a coup!
    I bow down before you, oh Great One.
    A short dramatic work? You must be out of your mind! (I’m assuming one act is enough? ehehehehehehe)
    P.S. Many thanks for including me in the round up even though I didn’t cook eggs.

  3. says

    Oh Damn!!! I can’t believe I left ‘when she got out of bed’ in my little attempt at wittiness. Now it comes out that my Limerick template is
    “There was a young lady from Crete…”
    I’ll try that again:
    I cannot believe what you’ve done!
    All twenty nine poems that you’ve spun!
    Each limerick new
    And a sonnet – a coup!
    I bow down before you, oh Great One.

  4. says

    Great job, Jeanne! I agree with Stephanie though … SOMEONE seems to have an awful lot of free time on their hands. 😉 Can’t wait till the next one!

  5. Sylvie says

    After reading your writeup, I was lost for words. All I could think of was fantastic, wow, great, oh my. I am sooo impressed. It took me a great deal of time just to come up with one limerick and here you did 28 plus.
    Thank you for a great event.

  6. says

    Jeanne, that was totally amazing! If we ever get to a second edition of Digitla Dish may I PLEASE, PLEASE include that!?
    I’m tempted to revise publicity materials and the jacket blurb to add that one of our authors is a world-renowned poetess and champion limerick writer!
    AND, since I love poetry I am going to ahve to make an effort to take part regularly – somehow.

  7. says

    Aaah, the mysterious Greg, the man behind the egg, revealed!! Only now he’s behind a fish…
    Glad you enjoyed the round-up – thanks for joining in! And thanks for thinking of Christelle.
    OVA-tion – Hahaha! Thanks *graceful bow*
    It was easier than you’d think… you just kind of get into a limerick state of mind
    Hmmm, does the word indiscreet rhyme with Crete anywhere in your template limerick?? Thanks for adding yet ANOTHER limerick to our growing pool. And I look forward to the short dramatic work next month… (knew that would get your mind racing!!)
    Thanks for the compliment! I was also thrilled to see IMBB is finally coming round (oval?) to our way of thinking. Anthony and I were thnking maybe an eggy theme for the next WBW as well. Advocaat, anyone??
    It was only a pleasure. And yes of course you may post it on your site when you link to the round-up!
    Really, I swear, it didn’t take that long!! I am just one of those saddos who have a brain full of rhymes waiting to pop out at the slightest provocation!! Glad you enjoyed it though and look forward to seeing you again next month!
    *blush* thanks!! I actually enjoyed this EoMEoTE the most of all of them so far… Thanks for joining in and hope to see you again next month!
    Of course you are most welcome to include this!! All we have to make sure of is that there is in fact a DD2! Maybe if I offered each purchaser a personalised limerick with each copy of DD1 purchased? 😉 Erm, I’m not so sure about world-renowned poetess – you clearly haven’t seen some of my more angst-ridden offerings written at unversity…! But we certainly look forward to your participation in all future EoMEoTE events, seeign as we are turning into quite the poetic showcase 😀

  8. says

    One would expect ‘indiscreet’ but the “young lady from Crete” happens to be one of the few clean limericks around. Here it is (author unknown to me)
    There was a young lady from Crete,
    Who was so exceedingly neat,
    When she got out of bed,
    She stood on her head,
    To be sure of not soiling her feet.
    No, no, no, no! Don’t make me write a short dramatic work! I won’t. No. Not I, said the little red hen.
    P.S. Can the score for the incidental music to the drama be a piano reduction or does it have to be in full orchestral score? (You know you have created a monster….)

  9. says

    A rhyme for pepperoni, Johanna? Why do I suddenly have the advertising tune for “Rice-roni! The San Francisco Treat!” running through my head?? (If you do not know this tune, consider yourself blessed.)
    herby eggs ‘n pepperoni…
    the Austrian London treat!
    P.S. Isn’t it fortunate that I am not in advertising?

  10. says

    What a hostess! Coming up with one limerick took time and look at what you did! These food blog memes are getting better and better, can’t wait to see what’s coming up next.
    Thanks for hosting Jeanne!

  11. says

    omg, how long did it take you to write all those limerick up? So very well done *clap clap clap* Thanks for hosting this month’s EoMEoTe! and for writing all these wonderful limericks!! :-)