Let’s get ova-enthusiastic – it’s EoMEoTE#6!

The egg quivers with

Excitement, the bread trembles:


The above is the result of a challenge by Anthony of Spiceblog – in light of my marathon posts.  He suggested that as an antidote, I do a post in haiku format – et voila! 

However, for those of you who find this a little toooooo cryptically Zen-like, the full story is as follows:  the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza has rolled around again!  This most inclusive, least threatening, most post-modern, least culture/language/cooking ability-biased all food blog events grew out of an in-joke between Anthony of Spiceblog and myself, and in the first month we were the only participants.  We weren’t rich, but we were happy.

From these humble beginnings has grown a loyal band of fellow eggy enthusiasts and at EoMEoTE#5 (the first to be hosted by a non-founder!) we had TWENTY contributions!  Eggcelent!!! And this month Anthony has even made EoMEoTE its ver own Flickr tag!  So how do you get to play along and become part of the world-wide phenomenon that is EoMEoTE?  Well, it couldn’t be easier.  Here are the rules:

1. Make a dish using eggs

2. The dish must also use bread (any type of carbohydrate- product to which dry heat has been applied!) under, on, alongside or near the eggs.

Then write about it and include a photo if you can, post the story to your blog and leave me a comment with the link (or e-mail it to me if you don’t have a blog) and sometime around the weekend I will do a wrap-up of all the entries.  No pressure, no competition.  Just loads of really really bad egg puns 😉

For the true die-hard fans, here is a potted history of the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza:






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  1. says

    Jeanne –
    a toast….
    Not h-eggs-ameter
    But I’ll haiku-k a fried egg.
    If not, yolk’s on me
    I think that’s cryptic enough!

  2. says

    Owen – wow! Bad egg puns AND in haiku format!! Surely some sort of record! I take my hat off to that – you are truly master of the oviverse.
    Stephanie – yes thanks! Punctual, as always… Apologies for not havign acknowledged receipt sooner!!
    The egg cracks, the bread
    Toasts, the pan sizzles gently.
    Inspiration strikes.

  3. says

    Thanks for the warm wishes Jeanne!!!
    Psh, I haven’t even started my journal entries yet…alas I have been too busy…and I have so much to live up to! 😉

  4. DogfightAtBankstown says


    It’s Easter Sunday for the Eastern Orthodox. And I got invited to share Easter lunch with

  5. saint says

    Ok this is actually my second time (blame Anthony) and I’m cheating like I did the first time – this time not even a recipe. LOL!

  6. Spittoon.biz says

    End of Month Egg On Toast Extravaganza – it’s a dish of two halves.

    The IngredientsPerhaps I am not taking this blog-happening seriously enough but following the late night escapades (as detailed on the ‘other’ blog) I thought a ‘proper’ entry for EoMEoTE was necessary. After-all I don’t want to ruffle feathe…

  7. says

    Hi Jeanne! I just returned from a mini-holiday in Cannon Beach, Oregon but my entry was sent to my blog via moblog Sunday am. This was Sunday morning’s breakfast. My original entry was the quiche I had on the train from Seattle to Portland but it was so disappointing (it was steamed when nuked in the dining car’s microwave) that I did not care to post about it. For dinner last night–once home–I had a second slice of Mushroom-Leek Quiche brought with me on the train, purchased at Cannon Beach’s Gower St. Bistro. I’ll post about that one later this week. In the meantime here is my entry:

  8. says

    Oeuf! Did I hear right?
    o v a – e n t h u s i a s t i c ?
    … good yolk for a toast!
    Ummm. Well. I tried. Alas, I am really falling behind on the actual eggs on toast though. I had cheese on toast this morning and saw the eggs in the fridge when I got the cheese… does that count?
    (I love the trembling bread image)

  9. says

    Hi Jeanne, I am way overdue, but I did actually have this meal on the appropriate last Sunday of the month, just was slow (okay REALLY slow) to post:
    To make up for it, here is an ode to Eggs that I made up a while ago:
    Sunny side up, you cheer me up.
    On a mountain of rice with a drop of soy.
    Scrambled, savoury or plain.
    I love my mum’s version the best.
    Poached, two by two on a brunch plate you go
    A gentle luxury, a messy home brew.
    Omelletes, I am master of thee.
    Cheese essential, fillings optional.
    Fried. Greasy ends curling
    On a burger, dancing with bacon.
    Fritata, Tortilla, Whatever they call ya
    You blend and you mix, happy to be whipped.
    O eggs, partner of the east and the west.
    An accomplice, a team player but always a star.

  10. says

    this may sound really stupid…i didn’t go all the way thru your blog…my family is south african and there is a pastry that my mom and granny make called a cook sister, but is not spelled that way, because it is in afrikans i think. just curious is you were south african, and if so, where you are from?