STK London


Service Question: how many times can you walk past a London venue without actually realising it is there?  Answer: more times than you think!  I have walked up Aldwych and The Strand on numerous occasions but it was only when I was actually headed for dinner at STK that I realised where it was (across […]

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Blood orange posset


As many of my food-minded readers might know, Saturday 14 March was Pi day – officially a day to celebrate the mathematical constant (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter), but also appropriated by the food blogging community as pie day (geddit??).  They are probably also familiar with  pancake day and Nutella […]

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Guide to skiing in Obertauern, Austria


  For somebody who only started skiing in her mid 30s, I have skied in a surprising number of countries: Andorra, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Norway. Each has its own pros and cons. France, for example, is often awash with Brits and ridiculously packed over school holidays but… heeey, tartiflette! Norway is expensive but […]

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