Guide to skiing in Obertauern, Austria


  For somebody who only started skiing in her mid 30s, I have skied in a surprising number of countries: Andorra, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Norway. Each has its own pros and cons. France, for example, is often awash with Brits and ridiculously packed over school holidays but… heeey, tartiflette! Norway is expensive but […]

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Caldo verde soup


  Authenticity (n) – truthfulness of origins, attributes, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions Thus spake Wikipedia. And it’s a word that you increasingly hear being bandied about as a buzzword. If anybody under the age of 75 or so gets on a plane these days to go somewhere else, they no longer want to identify themselves as tourists. “Oh no,” they say disdainfully, […]

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