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South African wine and travel evening with STA TravelBuzz

Thumbnail image for South African wine and travel evening with STA TravelBuzz September 17, 2010

Please remember to vote for me in the South African Blog Awards where I am a finalist in the Best Food and Best Overseas Blog categories!  VOTING ENDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT SOUTH AFRICAN TIME!  Thanks! One of the more annoying mysteries of my life is the price of plane tickets to South Africa.  I have […]

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South Africa in shock World Cup win!

Thumbnail image for South Africa in shock World Cup win! July 6, 2010

(Photo courtesy of The Bibendum Times) Well, the Bibendum World Cup of Wine, that is…  And against Italy, no less! What am I talking about?  Well, about 6 weeks ago wine merchants Bibendum decided it might be fun to do a wine tasting “competition” where countries were pitted against each other on a one-to-one basis and […]

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Cape Town – a culinary snapshot

January 10, 2010

This post was originally written for a wonderful series on my dear friend Johanna's blog The Passionate Cook where each post put the culiary spotlight on a different world city.  Johanna sent a list of questions; I provided the answers below.  I am republishing it here as part of a new series starting today called Sundays […]

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Bunny chow – South Africa’s own street food

January 18, 2009

  **DISCLAIMER** – no fluffy bunnies were harmed in the making of this dish!! Phew.  Just thought I'd get that disclaimer out of the may before people started hurling abuse, shoes or frying pans Street food – it's such a great concept.  Something cheap and readily available, sold on the streets in a portable format, and eaten […]

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Braai sarmies for Heritage Day – better late than never!

September 26, 2008

What can I say – it’s been a bit of a tumultous week. First there was the wonderful Oktoberfest in Munich last weekend, where much beer was consumed and many new friends were made. Then I woke up on Sunday morning to find that my country had no president. On Thursday my friends Belinda and […]

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Announcing the South African Food & Wine Blog Directory

May 22, 2008

Would you believe that tomorrow it will be four years since my first post on this blog?  I know it seems hard to believe, but I've been tending this little patch of the Internet for 48 happy months.  Who would have thought? When I started, I suspect that I was something of a novelty act […]

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Agostinelli Barbera from Fairview – a short and sweet review

February 13, 2008

I love a challenge, I do.  I was thrilled back in the summer when Andrew of Spittoon alerted me to a challenge to do a visual tasting note of a wine – and when I saw him over the weekend he presented me with a new challenge.  Andrew is hosting Wine Blogging Wednesday this month […]

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