Saturday Snapshots #72



Crisp – January 2010

Am I the only person who thinks of a salt-rimmed margarita glass when I see this picture of frosted leaves, taken outside my house last week?? :)

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  1. says

    Hello Jeanne
    Reading your posts I am elated to see that SA and Lebanon are both wanting seasonal and artisanal foods; thanks to you and your (very) informative posts, I now know more about SA than I ever would have before!
    I am doing a giveaway of products I brought back with me from Lebanon and if you are interested, i would love to return the favor and send them to you! (I am doing a draw as well)

  2. says

    Niamh – thanks so much! hope your festive season was equally fabulous :)
    Bethany – Hola to you too! At home, we always used to say it was OK to have a drink, as long as the first aeroplane of the day had already flown over your house. In London, that’s abotu 6a.m. :)
    Rachel – I think we’re some way off that… but tequila drinking to keep warm is perfectly acceptable :) Hope you guys had a wonderful holday season!
    Marisa – phew – I thought it was just me :)
    Firefly – oh, you would LOVE it! It’s a photographer’s dream :)
    Koek – frost really is like something magical that appeard while you sleep. Snow, on the other hands, halts the planes and closes the airports…
    TasteofBeirut – thanks for visiting – I will definitely have a look at your blog today. Glad you enjoyed the posts :)

  3. Lyn Malkin (Zigsgirl) says

    What an amazing photograph Jeanne!! What camera did you use? I’ve just received a DSLR for Christmas and am now interested in all things ‘photographic’! I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for ages and just love the content especially your recipes.

  4. says

    Hi Lyn
    Thanks for your kind words and glad to hear that you’re a CookSister fan! You won’t believe, but for this photo I just used my little Canon Powershot A720 on macro setting – it was too cold to be faffing abotu outside with the big DSLR. Most of the pics on the site, though, are taken with my trusty Canon EOS 20D – it’s the best thing I ever bought, truly life-changing :) If you have any questions about using your DSLR, feel free to ask me and I’ll try to help. I know it’s a steep learning curve!