For the love of pasta…

Heart pasta © J Horak-Druiff 2007

I read recently that photography is the only form of visual art where you don’t consciously add elements (“shall I give David a fig leaf?  Naaah, my wrist is sore – leave him naked!”) but rather consciously have to exclude them.  You point your camera at a room full of people and it’s up to you whether to shoot the entire room or the detail on one woman’s hat.


Blogging is a little like that too.  You, as the blogger, can choose what to share with your readers and what to leave out.


You might choose to tell them about the souffle before the one that appeared on your blog.  The one that refused to rise and tended instead towards the consistency of a squash ball.  Or the muffins where you confused the amounts of flour and oil which were more amoeboid than muffinoid.

20071117_heart_pasta_three_i_e 20071117_heart_pasta_three_ii_e

Or you might exercise your artistic license and exclude that little detail from your post.


Or you might post lovely pink and turquoise pictures of heart shaped pasta to build up to your entry into this month’s edition of Click! (a new event hosted by the lovel Bee and Jai over at Jugalbandi), leading readers to picture you flitting around your perfect home in your pastel-coloured apron, thinking sweet thoughts, smiling benignly and humming the Sound of Music under your breath as you click away at your pretty pasta.


Or you can tell them the truth, which is that you were in head-to-toe black, clearing a 1 square foot square space in the chaos that is your living room to accommodate the shoot, and that you had My Chemical Romance blaring as loudly as decency would allow on the stereo.

Nothing like boys in eyeliner for my creative impulse.

Jugalbandi_logo The final picture above is in fact my entry into Click! for this month.  The theme is noodles and entries close tomorrow, so you’d better hurry if you still want to enter.  Check out Jugalbandi for details of how to enter.

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  1. Francesco says

    This is a crazy funny colorful post!!!
    First time I visit you (following the topless pastry link) … mind if I pass back sometimes?
    And I already discovered something new: click! and that pasta can have really many shapes!

  2. says

    I can’t tell you how relieved I am to hear that you WEREN’T humming the Sound of Music. Not that there’s anything wro… (WHAT am a saying?! Why oh why did you even mention TSoM?! Thanks to you, I now have an audiovirus of “I am six-teen, going on…” aaauaghhhhhhhhhhhh!!)
    What cool photos!
    Where did you find those hearts?! Are there other shapes too?

  3. says

    Like I need another reason to love pasta – those pasta hearts are too cute! Better not show my kids or my poor friend who is coming over from the UK in a week (yay!) will be bringing yet another parcel…

  4. says

    Hi Francesco
    Glad you have discovered Cooksister! Do pop back any time :) Maybe you can join us for the topless tart event?
    Hi Julia
    Hurrah! Another MCR fan over the age of 18!! I am thinking of changing my blog name to “Cooking with Mrs Gerard Way” – subtle, n’est ce pas?! Saw them live at the O2 on Thursday and they blew me away.
    Hi Sarah
    Speak for yourself, love. For me it’s ALWAYS going to be boys in eyeliner!
    Hi Kit
    I guess my secret is out – no carolling nuns in my CD collection!! Glad you like the pastel pasta though :)
    Hi Andrew
    I can’t believe you have actually made a Pot Noodle look vaguely edible! Who woulda thought. Now if YOU had been listening to MCR during the shoot, nobody would have been surprised…!
    Hi Margot
    You are right – pasta tends to come in a range of neutral and not-very-exciting colours, doesn’t it! That’s why these caught my eye. I’ve just had a look at your shot – it’s beautiful :)
    Hi Elizabeth
    Glad to hear your faith in me is restored by my taste in music…!
    I bought my pasta hearts at a funky kitchen store in Berlin, but I have seen similar ones on the web here: and here:
    Hi Gill
    Aren’t they the cutest? The only problem is that they’re far too cute to eat! Although I have started thinking in the direction of a lovely pink salmon and vodka sauce with them…
    Hi Freya
    They are gorgeous (the dark ones are flavoured with beetroot!) but as I said above, you end up not eating them because it just seems that they are too pretty to eat.
    Hi TBC
    Yup, editing was the hardest. I have read that this is the mark of a good photographer: the ability to edit your portfolio ruthlessly and to select only one good photo from a series. I’m still working on that…
    Hi Bee
    Thanks for initiating the event! The colours are great, aren’t they? The pasta was from Germany and the napkins from South Africa, so it’s a pretty international photo too!
    Hi Annemarie
    LOL – seems like I’ve now got frilly aprons and Sound of Music on a few peole’s minds! Glad you liked the tone of the post as well as the pics – I had a ball taking them :)
    Hi S
    I got these in Berlin at a funky kitchenware store, but I have seen similar ones on the web here: and here: