October 2007

Slow-roast tomato and zucchini pasta

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So… you buy a ton of tomatoes.  You spend a day or so roasting them veeeeeeery slowly in your oven.  Then you bottle them in olive oil.  But then comes the hard part:  what to do with them?  Of course, the easy option is simply to eat them out of the jar when nobody is […]

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Triple ginger layer cake

October 29, 2007

I am not a baker. Or at the very least, I am to baking what Hunter S. Thompson was to journalism. All my baking escapades seem to involve the wrong ingredients due to crazy last-minute substitutions, incorrect or inadequate equipment (I mean, does every home really need a palette knife??) and a laissez faire attitude […]

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WTSIM – only 2 days to get that cake baked…

October 26, 2007

Not to rush you or anything – in fact, far from it.  I haven’t even made my own contribution yet!  But I thought a gentle reminder was in order that the deadline for this month’s Waiter, there’s something in my… event is this Sunday, 28 October.  The event is being hosted by my co-conspirator Andrew […]

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Roast figs with balsamic vinegar and pine nuts

October 23, 2007

Aaaah, figs.  We are bang in the middle of their lamentably short season at the moment and I don’t seem to be able to walk past them without buying a few. My mom used to rave about them – they had a tree in their garden when she was growing up in Pretoria and she […]

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We are the champions

October 21, 2007

To the 15 men who carried the hopes and dreams of 48 million people on their shoulders last night and did not drop them, all I can say is THANK YOU – and you deserve it. You had me on the edge of my seat all through the match and you had me in tears […]

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The Famous Four meme

October 19, 2007

An age ago I was tagged for this meme by the lovely Niamh of Eat Like a Girl – and today I finally got round to completing it – hurrah!  So sit, back, relax and enjoy. 4 jobs I’ve held 1.  Criminal advocate After I left university I practised as a criminal advocate (barrister).  It […]

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Don pedros for dessert!

October 16, 2007

So who the heck is Don Pedro anyway? Well, he might be: * a prince of Aragon in the Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare * an American actor * a former governor of Guatemala * a Filipino politician * a Latin-American restaurant in New York * a dam All very impressive, but to […]

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