EoMEoTE#17 The End is Nigh: Shocking pictures, page 2!


Eomeotenewspaperannouncement_1 Yes, indeed, the end is nigh – the end of the month, that is.  And we all know what that means… it’s time for the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza. 

Yes folks, it’s the time of month when salaries are due, fridges run low and inspiration runs high.  Just how many ways are there with eggs and bread? [You’d be surprised.  – Ed.]  Well, this is the event where we find out. 

For newcomers to this event, the object of the exercise is to make something creative using eggs and bread/carbohydrates.  It can be sweet, savoury, simple, complex, breakfast, dinner – whatever you like.  The twist I’ve added is to make this an ovo-literary event – if possible I’d like you to post your entry in a particular literary style.  In the past, we’ve had poetry, fan fiction and song lyrics as themes (for the full list, see the end of this post) – something for everyone, really! And this month I have decreed the theme to be… tabloid headlines – think National Enquirer, think The Sun or The Mirror and you’ll get the picture. 

So, to recap:

1. The dish you make needs to include eggs.

2.  The dish you make needs to include bread (or any carbohydrate to which heat has been applied).

3.  Write up your creation on your blog in the style of a tabloid headline or article – even just the title in the form of a tabloid headline will do.  Pictures are always good (I can see it now – "Aliens ate my toast!" – a grainy blob that could be ANYTHING!)

4.  Try to have this all done by next weekend – say Sunday 6 August.

5.  Send me an e-mail or leave a comment on this post alerting me to your contribution.  I will then do a round-up shortly after the 6th.

Have fun!

[And if you want to use the same nifty newspaper generator that I did for the clipping above, go here and follow the instructions.]


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  1. says

    Hi Sam
    Ooooh yes, this has been your most anticipated EoMEoTE yet!! And I hope you have a ball with the headlines. Don’t tabloid headlines make you long for The Sun? Theirs are the gold standard of exuberant tackiness…
    Hi Chubby Hubby
    I thought is would be a good laugh and give let out the tabloid reporter that’s hiding inside all of us! ūüėČ Look forward to your entry!

  2. says

    Ooh yeah, right down my alley – the weird and wonderful. Right, thinking cap on. BTW thanks for the link to the newspaper headline generator, you know how I am about pictures!

  3. says

    Hahahaha!! I love your newspaper article! Of course, you know that it isn’t very authentic. You’ve shown an awful lot of text (thrilling text though) on the first page….

  4. says

    I go out of town for a couple of days, and *that’s* when you decide to spring the announcement, eh?
    I smell a conspiracy!
    “Cooksister in cahoots with travel agents”
    Fortunately, I’m back, and I have a week-ish to get this together.
    You can count me in!

  5. says

    Hi Neil
    Weird & wonderful is definitely the way forward with this one!! Can’t wait to see what you and your wild imagination come up with… ūüėČ And glad you liked the front page generator – it’s neat, isn’t it!
    Hi Elizabeth
    Yes, I’m afraid I’ll never make a good tabloid journalist… But I did have a lot of fun though! And I’m sure you will too with this theme :-)
    Hi Stephanie
    Hehehehe – my evil masterplan revealed!! World domination beckons… But of course, AFTER I host EoMEoTE… Can’t wait to see your entry!
    Hi Cupcaker
    Welcome! And I’m sure you’ll have a great time – just grab some eggs and toast and let your hair down. Anything goes here at EoMEoTE!

  6. spittoonextra says

    Three Eggs.

    For EoMEoTE:Scandle at St. James': Breakfast Eggs Served ‘Sunny Side Down’. Members Decry Intrusion of American Style Cooking.The Times 5th August, 1922.Budgens Shopper Trips, Eggs Broken. Maidenhead Advertiser, 22nd March 1987Back Off Brussels: Leave …

  7. says

    Hehehehehe… I LOVE playing with the newspaper clipping generator. (I promise this is the last time.) But I got scared by the threat of reprisal that I hadn’t fulfilled rules 1 and 2. So guessing that rule 4 is a little less rigid, I grovelling present my post for EoMEoTE17 revisited: