“Around the World” meme

About a million years ago, Pille tagged me with this meme.   At the time I promised to join in, wrote a quick draft post and then promptly forgot about it.  As you do!! 😉

But in a renewed drive to get draft posts finished and posted, I have finally got round to completing it and here it is.  Thanks Pille – I had fun filling in the blanks!

1. Please list three recipes you have recently bookmarked from food blogs to try:

2. Three food blogs in your vicinity:

  • Pertelote – Jenni and I only live one postcode apart!
  • The Passionate Cook – Johanna lives across town, but metaphorically speaking, we live in each other’s pockets 😉
  • The Thorngrove Table – again, she lives clear across town, but like me she laughs at inappropriate moments :-)

3. Three food blogs located far from you:

  • Spiceblog – physically far away in Perth, but terrifyingly on the same mental wavelength 😉
  • Scent of Green Bananas – I don’t think I could find Guam on a map until I discovered Santos’ excelent blog from there…
  • Kitsch’nZinc – Brian casts an experienced eye over the food scene from Cape Town, South Africa

4. A foodblog (or several) you have discovered recently (and where did you find it?)

  • Silverbrow on Food – blogging primarily about kosher food in London.  Found on Andrew’s comprehensive list of Uk food blogs
  • Dos Hermanos – came up in a google search for I-can’t-remember-what.  Witty and irreverent.
  • Intrepid Gourmet – I didn’t find her, she found me!  Fantastic recipes…

5.  Any people or bloggers yuo want to tag with this meme?

Nah – I’m so late I’m sure everyone’s already done it!!  But if anyone reading this particularly wants to join in the memelicious fun, please consider yourself tagged 😉

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  1. says

    Hi Lucette
    Man, your shortbread sounds fantastic! Definitely on my hitlist to try soon. And I’ll definitely be stopping by your blog again – it’s great!
    Hi Pille
    Thanks for tagging me in the first place – I’m generally a sucker for a good meme, even if it takes me ages to get round to answering it…