Announcing EoMEoTE#14 – Poetic injustice

Yes, it’s the first of the month, and that can only mean one thing – the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza is back after a December hiatus!  Hurrah! 

I know some of you have been quetly making enquiries as to whether the event will be taking place this month and the answer is a resounding YES.  For egg-‘n-toast virgins, it works like this:  At the end of each month, when your fridge is empty and your salary is yet to be paid, there’s nothing to eat but good ol’ eggs and bread.  So your challenge is to make something yummy, photograph it and tell us about it. 

The rules are really simple:

1. You must use eggs of some description.

2. You must also use carbohydrates of some description (we are flexible on what form these take!).

3. If at all possible, you need to adhere to the month’s theme, which is usually literary.  We are very proud to be the internet’s first and only ovo-literary event… 😉

And so – a nation waits with bated breath – what will this month’s theme be??  Let’s ease into the year slowly.  How about you pick your favourite poet (or poem) and write something eggy in the style of said poet/poem.  Picture the scene – little short fragments of sentences scattered across the post a la ee cummings.  A Grecian Urn full of eggs a la John Keats.  "Whose eggs are these?/I think I know" a la Robert Frost.  The list is endless.

So get cooking and get writing and post your efforts on your blogs sometime before Monday 6 Feb (gotta love that flexible EoMToTE deadline…!), preferably with a photo. Please don’t forget to leave me a comment or send me an e-mail (jeanne AT 501 DOT co DOT za) containing a link to your post as I’d hate to miss it and forget to include you in the round-up…

So let us go then, you and I, when the yolks are spread out against the sky…

[Anybody looking for a brief history of the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza will find it at the end of this post.]

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  1. says

    Hi Elizabeth
    Oops! Sorry!! Well how about we make a deal whereby you host NEXT month’s EoMEoTE and pick any theme you want? Will that persuade you to forgive me?? 😉 Great post! LOL.

  2. says

    And despite a Super Bowl I actually care about, a play, a party for Alex…(phew!), I am so going to do this, because my crazy life made me skip the last one.
    It’s possible EoMEoTE is my favorite foodie event…after Blog Party, of course!
    (hey, we’re still waiting for *you* to join us for drinks and appetizers, you know…)
    Count me in!

  3. says

    I’ll be a wee bit late (as in, later tonight), but I will get my entry to you!
    I was a little wrapped up yesterday, what with the Steelers winning the Super Bowl, and all…

  4. says

    But, Sam, I so wanted to do the party trick! 😀 And it had nothing to do with poetry… unless it could be considered blank verse. Hmmm, maybe if I’d labelled it as blank verse on how to make a good yolk? (Oooooh, sorry, my punning desperately needs work!)

  5. says

    Hi Stephanie
    Glad you can join us despite your hectic schedule! And yes, I’m acutely aware that I haven’t joined Blog Party yet – my participation in events has just been zilch lately. I blame it on a) too much happening towards the end of last year and the start of this year b) exhaustion from single-handedly making my bloody banner; and c) the English weather (well, I blame that for EVERYTHING!! ;-)) But I do harbour aspirations to join in one day…!
    Hi Elizabeth
    Noooo, hosting is a *privilege*!! 😉 And no, haven’t had hard boiled eggs lately… Will wait till next time Nick has some and let him road-test the party trick!
    Hi Cyndi
    Thanks fo joining is – round-up is imminent, I promise!
    Hi Emma
    I stand in awe of your ovo-literary greatness!! Fab fab fab. Thanks so much for joining in – we are not worthy, we are not worthy 😉
    Hi Anne
    Hurrah! Finally got you to come over to the yolk side! And I loved your “rage, rage against the settign of the yolk” – sheer brilliance 😛
    Hi Sam
    Glad to see you made it despite your punishing schedule – how do you *do* it?? Love the poem – as you say, who would have thought they were so risque back then? And I do agree – poetry themes are the way forward!!
    Hi Ashwini
    Great to see new faces – and thrilled that you had so much fun participating! Can’t wait to try your spicy fusion French toast…
    Hi Stephanie
    No worries – not possible to be too late for EoMEoTE 😛 In your own eggy time…
    Hi Elizabeth
    Hmmm, I sense a pun theme coming on… At the end of the lay, it’s all poetry to my ears 😉
    Hi Spicey
    That’s the spirit! Glad to see you’ve lost none of the anarchic sentiments that saw this event being founded – you’re a real wild one, wild one, wild one (repeat to fade). Igg on toast, anyone?

  6. claudia gomez says

    hi, Jeanne, am claudia from Mexico Gina a friend from London gave me this page, and i just read all about Christelle sickness, i came back 2 years from now, i worked with Cristelle in Crabtree & Evelyn and with Gina for 7 months, i was so lucky to have met Chistelle she was such a wonderfull girl, and she loved the fajitas i cooked for her before i moved back to Mexico…
    I just wanted to thank you for the amazing space you gave her and for remind me and make it more real, its been very hard to be here so far and not to be close with anyone and tell them that i am truly sorry and i think of Christelle a lot!!!
    god bless you
    pd. sorry my gramma is awful, hope you understand!