Scramble the troops – it’s EoMEoTE#4!


Eomeote4 Can you believe February has already come and gone??  The first hint I had that the end of the month was in fact looming was when I checked out Man That Cooks last night and came across his marvellous visual reminder that not only is Feb over, but that it’s time to fire up the bread oven and raid the henhouse for the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza again!  This most post-modern of food blog events is the much- loved brainchild of myself and Anthony of Spiceblog and has already seen three editions – and in last month’s edition we hit double-figure participation! Since Anthony and I are working according to a complex algebraic formula of alternating bi-monthly hosting (more like eeny, meeny, miney, mo…), it’s my turn to host the February edition.

So how does it work?  Well, since we pride ourselves on creating the most inclusive, non-threatening, egg-alitarian, non-prescriptive event in the blogosphere, and so as not to put undue pressure on anybody, we keep the rules to a minimum – here they are:

1. You must use egg in your recipe.

2.  You must use toasted bread in your recipe.

There – see, anybody can play! 😉  Then you simply blog about it and send me the link (or e-mail me your recipe if you don’t have a blog and I’ll post it here) and voila – that’s all that’s eggspected of you!  In keeping with the general spirit of the event, there’s no date deadline.  In fact, as of this morning I already have two entries – and that’s before I had even managed to get the announcement posted.  So this should give you a general idea as to my attitude to deadlines…! I will probably be posting my own creation next weekend, so you have a full week to get creative with eggs and bread before the round-up sees the light of day.

Oh, and if you can, do send us a photo of your creation, because as Pablo Picasso said:

“When you start with a portrait and search for a pure form, a clear volume, through successive eliminations, you arrive inevitably at the egg. Likewise, starting with the egg and following the same process in reverse, one finishes with the portrait.”

EoMEoTE – art you can eat. 

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    Hi Jeanne,
    Love the little egg carton there! Very creative. Let’s hope I can crank out another creative egg dish…and on toast, no less. =)

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    Thanks Reid! I had to give Anthony some competition in the visuals department! I’m sure you’ll impress us with your egg-on-toast creativity once again – look forward to your post!

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    Oh, didn’t I tell you? Andrew Lloyd Webber called last night to make us an offer. Reportedly it’s going to be called One Fell Out of the Cuckoos’ Nest ;->

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    Hmmm was hoping it would be Andrew Llyod Webber in “I’m going to have a bus reverse over me again and again”.
    Can we dig up Gilbert and Sullivan?

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    OK – count me in! Book is off to printer. I have a (little) more time. I will make eggs and toast and eggs and toast until I can take no more (that hasn’t happened yet).
    Some procedural enquiries. Does fried bread count as toast? I know what sticklers for the rules you all are…

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    What?? End of the month already? And we just used the last egg in the house yesterday to make potato pancakes! I guess potato pancakes don’t fall into the “toast” category, do they? I’ll race out right now to get more eggs….
    Once EoMEoTE the Musical is out, will EoMEoTE the Ballet be far away?

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    End of Month Egg on Toast Time!

    Jeanne has reminded me that the end of the monthis nigh! So it must be End of Month Egg On Toast Extraveganza time – I have been planning this months entry for weeks (well a couple of days at least) and this time have got a wine in just for the occassi…

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    I cracked open a muffin last time around, a little bird told me it was ok. I dont want to yoke the situation but I am pecking at French bread this outing; I feel a bit couped up with just your average sliced. I am feathering my nest with a wine to accompany too and its not Veuve Chickquot or Jacobs Hen either.
    Films: Roosters Revenge… Follow the Yellow Brick Egg Yolk… and that Christmas Favourite, Chitty Chitty Egg Crack…
    I’ll shut-up now….

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    Jeannes hosting, but I’ve taken toast to be any carbohydrate based foodstuff subjected to the application of heat. Eggs are eggs. A potato pancake could in theory toast as the egg is an integral part it could be considered separate. French toast is OK as the egg forms a distinct coating (and it’s what I did last month). But don’t panic, you’ve got at least a fortnight.
    “decomposing” Ha!
    Painters: Egon Schiele

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    Hi Owen,
    Rules are sooooo last millennium. What matters here at EoMEoTE is the spirit in which the dish is cooked (and I don’t mean vodka… or maybe I do?) and how creatively you justify that your creation fits the nebulous criteria. I’m with Spiceblog on this – any carbohydrate-based foodstuff that has been subjected to a bit of direct heat counts as toast, and as long as something laid it, it’s an egg. (No, Paris Hilton does not count.)
    Hi EJM, yes, the EoMEoTE: The Ballet is in the works. It’s working title is Swan-Laid. 😛
    Hi Santos – I agree! See first paragraph above.
    Hi Andrew, far be it from us to clip your creative wings. If you want to bend the rules, we won’t send our hen-chmen after you. And I’m eggshelly looking forward a great deal to your wine-matching ideas…
    Anthony and Andrew – I think you forgot that famous musical “Bantam of the Opera”.
    Fowl-mouthed? Me?? Never.

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    Jeebus where’d my little words go?
    A potato pancake could in theory BE toast BUT the egg is an integral part OF it SO could NOT be considered separate.
    Eggs up on mine.

  12. says

    Jeanne, RATS!! I wish I’d thought of that title for the ballet! Anthony, it might be considered as egg on toast because the integral egg is on (as well as in) the toasty part of the potatoes.
    It’s kind of you guys to make allowances but it just didn’t seem right to have as my first EoMEoTE post one that so flagrantly went against the rules. I mean really, what sort of precedent does it set? Posts involving no toast AND no eggs?? It just wouldn’t do.
    Here’s my post, adhering to all rules but one.
    (no photo – sorry.)

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    Elizabeth, if the egg is “on” as well “in” then there is no problem, otherwise it’s double dipping. “on” is loosely defined and may include “near”, “around” or even “under”.
    I admire your sense of etiquette (and your omlette), really it’s a bit like going to a pirate fancy dress and say dressing up like a video pirate, which could work with a bit of moxy but then again you might have to explain why you’re standing there in a t-shirt with a stack of dodgy dvds with photocopied covers rather than a parrot and a patch. No eggs and no toast would require some pretty hard core explaining or at least a haiku.

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    End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza.

    End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza: Cinnamon and Star Anise crèmes and Toasted Brioche.“Baked in France to a traditional re5 cipe” states the wrapper on these Brioche Rolls. Now, says I, what if I toast these and use them in this months End of…

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    Anthony – aaah, prepositions, conjunctions & all those other fiddly little words are so last century… Leaving them out makes your statements so much more open to personal interpretation!
    Elizabeth – of course, the companion piece to Swan Laid is The Shellcracker… Glad to see you’re doing your first contribution by the rules – so you know where the boundaries are when you want to push them next time!
    Anthony again – “video pirate” – ha!! I think you are coming round to my way of thinking on the rules issue. Hey, make suckling pig if you like. But in the end to make it into the round-up you are going to have to present an extremely witty, post-modern, metaphysical argument to convince us how suckling pig = egg on toast. And we are not easily impressed or convinced (although a carefully considered bribe might help to grease the Le Crueset pan, geddit, geddit???)
    CWC – it’s never too late. In your own time… We will always have room for one more.
    Stephanie – I have e-mailed you my address & have also amended my post to include an e-mail link. But posting your link in this comments section is also perfect.
    Dyslexic Anthony the Nightwatchman – who the hell is CTW?? 😉

  16. says

    Anthony, it really is very tempting though. And I’m not so sure that it would be so hard to pull off… especially as I think your video pirate scenario at the masquerade sounds entirely reasonable. Wheee!! Is it the end of March yet??
    Jeanne!! There’s another ballet?? Double rats! You’re too good. Stop!! (Oh the agony of it all. I’m not sure I’ll get ova it.)

  17. says

    This is getting very silly; so I am oeuf to watch a couple of films – Yoke Fiction followed by Butch Battery and the Free Range Kid…

  18. says

    “Ova it” – too fab for words!! Wattle ya do to me if I poach it and use it in my next post?
    Would love to join you at the movies, but I have to watch Hatch of the Day… Maybe next week we can get The Beak Chill on DVD?

  19. says

    Jeanne, I’m not wild about poached eggs, but shir, if you must, you must. (Actually, I’m honoured that you’re thinking of poaching for your next post; I’ll go so far as to egg you on.)