October 2004

Au Revoir – she’s off again…

October 30, 2004

Just when you thought the Cook Sister was finally getting back to regular blogging… she has decided to take another well-deserved holiday!! This time Nick and I are off to a rented villa in the South of France, inland from and about halfway between Nice and Cannes – for a whole week!! I am taking […]

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A food parcel from Paris

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As you will know from previous posts, Nick and I recently went to Paris for a long weekend. Now one of our favourite things to do when we travel is to trawl the food stores of wherever we happen to be, and we are always amazed at the variation between what’s on the London shelves […]

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Some words of thanks and congratulation

October 26, 2004

Over the past week or two, I’ve noticed quite a bit of traffic on this blog from unusual sources. The usual sources/suspects are a couple of blogs who link to me (thanks, you know who you are!) and Google searches with a variety of interesting search terms. The scariest one to date was a search […]

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Cheese and Mediterranean vegetable terrine for IMBB#9

October 25, 2004

  It's that time of the month again – the time when I spend a week agonising over recipes, talking to friends and generally wracking my brains for suitable dishes. Am I talking about lunch with crotchety relatives? No – it's time for Is My Blog Burning?, the worldwide food blogging event dreamed up by […]

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Sage & Parmesan gnocchi in a browned butter sauce

October 21, 2004

A couple of weeks ago, I took a deep breath and decided to go boldly where (in a culinary sense) I had never been before. As I have mentioned previously, my sister-in-law Paola is Italian and is a fantastic cook – which is great if you love Italian food as much as I do! Paola […]

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Cooking for Gold

October 19, 2004

Now that the excitement of the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games has died down, the victory parades held and the flame extinguished, it’s time for an Olympic contest of another kind, and one that’s much more suited to my taste – the Culinary Olympics! The event (officially known as the Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung) was […]

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Paris food diary – Aux Lyonnais and beyond

Thumbnail image for Paris food diary – Aux Lyonnais and beyond October 18, 2004

At the end of August, Nick and I took ourselves off for a long weekend in Paris. This is one of the small perks of living in London – the ability to nip across the Channel and spend a weekend in one of the great cities of Europe! This was to be my fifth visit, […]

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