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Roast gammon for Christmas

Thumbnail image for Roast gammon for Christmas January 11, 2006

  Well, it seems Christmas has come and gone and (shockingly, yet unsurprisingly) I have not yet blogged about our meal for Christmas 2005… or 2004.  And now that I’m way late for both of them, it seems rather irrelevant when I actually get round to it!! In fact, maybe that’s a plan – we’ll […]

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Seared tuna with a red pepper & clementine salsa – and dining out in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth

February 12, 2005

 Damn my procrastination problem, damn it to hell!!  Who else do you know who spent a week in South African in June  (June, people!) and by the end of the year had still not got round to writing it up for her blog?  Well, no prizes for guessing.  And now I have a week’s worth […]

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