The ghost of Christmas past – and that perfect roast gammon recipe again

December 25, 2009

  I am an obsessive recorder of events – both in writing and on film.  One look at my numerous boxes and albums of photos will confirm this beyond a shadow of a doubt.  My husband sees it as some sort of strange hoarding instinct – I see it very much in the same way […]

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Roast gammon for Christmas

Thumbnail image for Roast gammon for Christmas January 11, 2006

  Well, it seems Christmas has come and gone and (shockingly, yet unsurprisingly) I have not yet blogged about our meal for Christmas 2005… or 2004.  And now that I’m way late for both of them, it seems rather irrelevant when I actually get round to it!! In fact, maybe that’s a plan – we’ll […]

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