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Lamb sosaties revisited – and a BBQ event!

Thumbnail image for Lamb sosaties revisited – and a BBQ event! September 6, 2010

  Yes, I know it’s Monday, not Sunday, but I had 25 people at my house on Saturday, a headache like a jackhammer on Sunday AND a wine tasting in the coutryside with Andrew and friends, so please forgive me if this post revisits an old post and appears a day late… On 24 September, […]

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Mamma’s coconut tart (klappertert)

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  One of the things in life that has held a fascination for me for as long as I can remember is language. My mom always maintained that this was because she was pregnant with me while she was doing her Honours degree in English, and that I attended most of her lectures with her, but […]

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Smoked chicken on the BBQ with curried stuffing

July 18, 2008

  One of the hottest food debates in the media in recent weeks has centred on the provenance of everybody’s favourite white meat – chicken.  In a nutshell, it boils down to the interests of Big Business (i.e. making lots of money fast) versus the interests of the chickens (i.e. having a safe and healthy life). […]

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Scenes from a braai II – lamb sosaties with a view

September 15, 2006

As I mentioned previously, a couple of weeks ago we enjoyed three marvellous and very divergent braais (BBQs) in the space of one weekend.  Seeing as the weatherman has now assured us that summer is officially over in the UK (!!), I suspect that the memories of those halcyon days (and I do mean days, […]

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