NaBloPoMo 2008

Caramelised nectarines and cherries

November 16, 2008

Can you hear anything?  A low rumble, maybe?  A gurgling noise?  Pipes clanking? Nope?  Well, me neither.  Because my new boiler is very, very quiet. Yes, you read correctly.  New.  Boiler.  After five unhappy days and nights with no heat and no hot water, British Gas finally condemned the old boiler and the landlord no […]

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Saturday Snapshots #12

November 15, 2008

Bottlebrush flower, Johannesburg 2007 Bottlebrush plants (named for the distinctive shape of their flowers) are native to Australia but are very happy in South Africa where they adorn road verges and gardens.  They range in size from ground-hugging shrubs to trees of 10m or more and are members of the Myrtle family.  This one lives in a […]

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London International Wine Fair 2008

November 14, 2008

  Boiler saga update: [A phone rings in CookSister's office] "Jeanne speaking, good morning." "Hello, this is British Gas – we're at your house right now and we have some news about your boiler." [voice filled with trepidation] "Yeeeeees?" "We tried one last trick and we have the pilot light lit – so the boiler […]

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Chicken, sun-dried tomato & mustard pasta sauce

November 13, 2008

Saga update: No boiler.  No heat.  No comment. Since the start of the Death of a Boiler saga on Monday, I have found myself spending more and more time at the house of my lovely neighbour P. (Troy‘s owner).  This is partly because she has a working shower and central heating (!), partly because she […]

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Whole baked tilapia with flat-leaf parsley and garlic

November 12, 2008

Saga update: Visits to my house by British Gas this week:  3 Hours spent at my house by British Gas this week:  +/- 7 Futile phonecalls to Landlord this week: 3 Number of tops I'm wearing as I type this:  4 Pairs of socks I'm wearing as I type this: 2 Number of working boilers in […]

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Apple and blackberry crisp

November 11, 2008

  Saga update: The British Gas man returned and fixed the gas valve, so no more leak.  This is Good News. However, having fixed that, something else broke, which he did not have a spare part to repair.  This is Not Good News. The boiler is approximately 22 years old, and the colourful expression used […]

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Ronel’s roasted pepper and red lentil soup

November 10, 2008

The saga continues. Remember back in the summer we had issues with our gas supply?  Three different companies (the meter installers, the gas suppliers and the boiler fixers) all had to come on separate visits to tut-tut, shake heads and say noooo, there is a gas leak and I'm afraid we have to leave your […]

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