Sun-dried tomato pesto twirls, current addictions, WTSIM and more

September 17, 2008

Do you ever get the feeling your mouth is developing the nasty habit of writing out cheques that your body can't cash? Or at least, that there aren't enough hours in a day to cash? That's where I am right now. My head is fizzing with ideas and plans and schemes, but when I get […]

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Forty things and six things – and loads of visitors!

July 31, 2008

I'm afraid this blog has been a little neglected lately – but I do have a good excuse.  You see, we are on the summer guest merry-go-round…  Until last Thursday, my guest room was occupied by Paul; and from last Saturday till this afternoon, my oldest friend Andrea was moved in.  And on Saturday, Nick's gran […]

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My ELuckypacket postcard, WTSIM and some housekeeping

May 11, 2008

Some of you may remember a few weeks back I highlighted some South African blogs – among them This is Zimbabwe (the source of most of the Zimwatch headlines in my sidebar), Doula Mel, and ELuckypacket.  Well, ELuckypacket's Sue recently hosted a postcard exchange where the idea was to send a postcard to another participant […]

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A multitude of memes

March 21, 2008

Memes.  They’re like buses.  Nothing for months and then two come along at the same time!  I’ve actually been quite tardy about completing these, but have now finally got around to it, so if you think you still haven’t had enough random info about me (as I’ve done both of these before), here goes. The […]

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Skeletons in the pantry

December 18, 2007

The lovely Katie over at Thyme for Cooking understands that the holidays can be a stressful time for us all.  In fact, a friend of mine called me one year at about 18h00 on Christmas day after a full day of family, and explained in detail how next Christmas he would like to immolate his […]

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J-E-A-N-N-E spells…

November 7, 2007

Be careful when you comment on friends’ blogs.  There I was earlier this week, reading my fellow Nabber Charlotte’s blog.  One of the posts enlightened me as to where in Germany she resides, and as it turns out it’s near Heidelberg.  Now if only I’d known this, I would have arranged to meet up with […]

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I’m back – with the Expat Meme

August 30, 2007

The fact that I have come back from my holiday with the best tan I’ve had all summer seem to me to be an indication of the dismal summer we’ve been having in England.  I mean… long, languid days; mosquito sprays; sundresses; and sultry, humid nights aren’t the first things that spring to mind when […]

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