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Food blogging: the state of the nation and some thoughts

Thumbnail image for Food blogging: the state of the nation and some thoughts July 20, 2011

  Why do I blog? It’s not a question that I often give much thought to.  After seven years, it becomes a little like asking “why do I breathe?”.  It’s just something I do, as a matter of course, nearly daily; a creative outlet that engages my cooking, styling, photography and writing skills all in […]

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Feast, famine and Ferran Adria – and a challenge

November 25, 2008

Last night I (together with 900-odd other foodies) filled the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Royal Festival Hall complex to hear a talk by one of the biggest names in the foodie world today: chef Ferran Adria of El Bulli.  Adria has been called the best chef in the world, and El Bulli has been named Best Restaurant in the […]

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A bit hard to swallow…

October 3, 2006

It’s seldom (if ever) that you will read anything negative about South Africa on this blog, but an food-related item in last week’s SA Times caught my eye and I can’t get it out of my head.  In fact, it makes me fell vaguely queasy every time I re-read it. Quick bit of background.  South […]

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Seeing red over food additives

March 16, 2005

There’s a joke doing the rounds on the Web at the moment, in the wake of the UK’s massive product recall following the discovery that Sudan 1 (a banned red food colouring) had found its way into a batch of Worcestershire sauce and thence into an astonishing array of supermarket foods.  The joke involves a […]

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Sorry seems to be the hardest word…

November 11, 2004

Up until now I have mentioned not a word about the US election on this blog – I mean, why depress myself??  This moron is going to turn the Supreme Court into a bible-bashing, right wing nightmare to sanction the trampling of civil liberties, extinguish the flicker of hope that the prospect of gay marriage […]

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My big fat sandwich moan

October 13, 2004

Last week, the latest in the current spate of “shocking exposés” of how badly Britain is eating appeared in the newspapers. We have all now heard that (gasp!) eating McDonalds every day is bad for you; that drinking to excess destroys brain cells (double gasp!); and that fatty, sugary snacks are not the solution to […]

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Food for thought

July 14, 2004

So you have arrived in the 21st Century. You have registered your profile on Friends Reunited. You have an on-line bank account. You have one or more webmail accounts. Hell, you even have a food blog and a blogger profile. And tomorrow morning, as you are stepping out of your lovely home to walk through […]

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