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Swede/rutabaga, chorizo and thyme savoury crepes

Thumbnail image for Swede/rutabaga, chorizo and thyme savoury crepes February 12, 2010

  Rutabaga.  Now isn’t that a word to excite the imagination?  It makes me think of Winnebagos, Route 66, and cross country drives.  Of 50s diners with chrome-trim barstools, cherry pie on the menu, and a waitress called Alice.  Of saguaro cacti and Freightliner trucks, glittering with chrome and driven by ZZ Top lookalikes.   The word […]

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Roasted butternut and sage risotto

November 8, 2009

Earlier this year at the start of summer, I bought a bunch of packets of herb seeds.  I planted them in teensy pots and waited for them to sprout.  Some sprouted almost immediately, others took a little longer, and one bunch did not sprout at all.  I had three little baby plants in one pot […]

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Spring greens with Gorgonzola

May 10, 2009

  Spring has proverbially sprung.  The grass certainly is riz – just ask Nick who has already spent a coule of hours of quality time with the lawnmower this year!  The daffodils have come and gone, the tulips are still (mostly) around, and we are braaing more and more frequently.  All is well with the […]

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Curly kale risotto for winter’s last gasp

March 27, 2009

  When I first got to London I was told: "If you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes.  It's bound to change." Although the ten minutes bit was a little optimistic, it certainly is true that the weather here seems to have no concept of consistency.  The one minute (i.e. last Saturday) it truly […]

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Warm potato salad with red onion, dill and wholegrain mustard

February 15, 2009

  Some things are just better warm. The weather. Bread. Feet. Showers. And, umm, salads. Well, that's what my brother used to tell my mom when she made potato salad.  I think it started as an accident – one day my mom had left the boiling of the potatoes for the salad rather too late, and […]

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Chickpea salad with basil, olives, red onion & feta

November 28, 2008

  Salads are your friend.  They really are – and I'm glad I discovered this at a relatively early age. If it were up to my father, I don't think salads would ever have graced our table.  He has a long-standing and deep-rooted suspicion for all things green and crunchy and I remember my mom serving […]

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Whole baked tilapia with flat-leaf parsley and garlic

November 12, 2008

Saga update: Visits to my house by British Gas this week:  3 Hours spent at my house by British Gas this week:  +/- 7 Futile phonecalls to Landlord this week: 3 Number of tops I'm wearing as I type this:  4 Pairs of socks I'm wearing as I type this: 2 Number of working boilers in […]

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