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Serrano ham, goats cheese & honey crostini for a housewarming

June 29, 2009

Housewarming.  Isn’t it a lovely word? Apparently the term is related to the ancient practice of taking embers from the fire of an old house to start the first fire in the new house.  These days, however, it’s more a case of your friends wishing you a warm welcome into your new home.  Either way, seeing […]

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Blueberry fool with pistachios

June 5, 2009

Another week, another post drought here on Cooksister. Aaaargh. I have to say, I do not know how people undertake their own DIY house renovations.  Even just trying to project manage somebody else to do my renovations is doing my head in!  It eats up all your time and energy and I hardly cook (true […]

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Waiter, there’s something in my retro classic – the round-up

May 8, 2009

Right folks, roll up, roll up.  It's time for the retro round-up!  For this month's edition of Waiter, There's Something in My…, the monthly food blogging event run by Johanna, Andrew and me, I decreed the theme to be retro classics and asked you all to dig around at the bottom of your recipe files to […]

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Waiter, there’s something in my… individual baked Alaska!

May 4, 2009

  You know how there are some things that you simply never cook because, truth be told, you are too terrified to try them?  For some, it is any sort of baking with yeast that makes their terror rise.  For others, it's the dreaded soufflé that makes their face fall flat.  Or maybe things like […]

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Waiter, there’s something in my… retro classic

April 17, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, please forgive me – I have been a bad, bad blogger.  I swanned off on holiday leaving you only a few Saturday Snapshots.  I actively avoided internet cafes and computers for the 17 days that I was away.  I neglected my Google reader, my friends' blogs, and CookSister.  And, worst of all, […]

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WTSIM – the sweet vs. savoury roundup

February 9, 2009

It's funny how different people are.  For me, the Daring Bakers challenges are terrifying to the point of paralysis. Even BYOB makes my chest tighten.  But for loads of my fellow-food bloggers, these are a walk in the park.  On the other hand, when I selected this month's Waiter, There's Something in My… theme of sweet/savoury swap, I […]

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Savoury caprese bread & butter pudding

February 1, 2009

   If I say "Fat Duck" or "Heston Blumenthal", what is the first specific dish that springs to mind?  I'd bet my bottom dollar it's either egg and bacon ice cream of snail porridge.  The question is why these two dishes in particular have so grabbed the public's imagination. I don't think it's that either of […]

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