Saturday Snapshots #259

Gus © J Horak-Druiff 2013


Gus – August 2013

Dear Cooksister Readers

You don’t know me yet but I thought that seeing as my brother Rocket got to introduce himself, it’s only fair that I do too.  Was it only ten days ago that I was living in a pod at the RSPCA with four other kittens, none of whom I really knew very well? My first mom dropped me off there saying I was an “unwanted baby” (which is pretty stupid because everyone can see I am a kitten and not a baby!).  It was OK there and the people were very kind but I didn’t have much space to play in and wasn’t getting enough cuddles.  Then a lady came to visit me – she looked at the other kittens but I walked straight up to her and started purring and playing.  I thought for sure she’d love me – but then she left again and the other kittens were sniggering at me.  I was beginning I’d never feel the grass under my paws or chase butterflies.

But then the strangest thing happened – the nice lady came back three days later, put me in a carrier and took me home! Bliss! I’d finally found my forever home! I was just getting comfortable walking around her house exploring when suddenly another kitten appeared – he was pitch black and I got a huge fright.  Good thing I know self defence and can fluff up my fur to appear at least twice my normal size…  But I needn’t have worried – I soon found out that this is my big brother Rocket and from then on we have been inseparable.  He doesn’t even mind too much when I pounce on his tail or play with his toys.  Oh – and the nice lady and her husband are generous with the food and cuddles, so I am generous with the purrs.  Fair’s fair.

Furry regards,

Gus (short for Asparagus)  xx

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  1. says

    Very cute and a gorgeous picture of him! Don’t forget that if you aren’t quite ready to have 10 or more cats, you can earn honorary cat lady status by posting lots more cat pictures on your blog….! He is so beautiful that we won’t mind! I think my instagram feed now has more cat pictures than food pictures, such is life. Oh, and I currently have two dogs snuggled so close to my feet that if I roll my office chair in the wrong direction there are going to be frantic yelps.

  2. says

    Oh my gosh!! Gus is almost a twin of our little Fluffy! (Yes Fluffy, not the most imaginative name but it fits her perfectly!)

    Life is just better with cats!