Saturday Snapshots #138

Daffodils © J Horak-Druiff 2013


Field of Hope – April 2011

One of the first things about London that I fell in love with was the abundance of spring flowers – a real novelty for somebody from a climate so temperate that Spring and Autumn were seasons that happened to other people.  I remember in our first year in London travelling all the way across town to see the spectacular carpet of daffodils in Holland Park, but in the intervening ten years, a Field of Hope has been planted almost across the road from my house.  Fields of Hope are fields of daffodils planted by volunteers, with each bulb planted to honour, remember or support somebody who has been affected by cancer.  The daffodil’s ability to push through the frozen soil year after year and produce new life makes it the perfect symbol of hope, and simply seeing this slope covered in a sea of nodding yellow heads near my house is enough to lift my spirits.

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    Ohh, that is purely wonderful, Jeanne! :-) I saw a cluster of these at the edge of the woods on my walk today. How lovely they were, looking so cheery against those giant pine trees. :-)