Saturday Snapshots #74


Wells Cathedral – January 2008

The first time I heard of the city of Wells in Somerset was as a student in South Africa – not through one of my academic courses, but through my love of the Blackadder TV series, where mention is made of the “baby-eating Bishop of Bath and Wells“.  Amazing what you can learn from TV :)

What I didn’t learn was that Wells is home to a spectacular cathedral, built between 1175 and 1490, mostly in the Early English style.  The eastern end has retained much original glass (in fact, the cathedral is home to one of the most substantial collections of Mediaeval stained glass in England).  The exterior has a splendid Early English façade and a large central tower, as can be seen above.

The current bishop of Bath and Wells was appointed in 2001, and it is widely accepted that he has not eaten any babies 😉

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    LOL! You are funny! And I get all of my information about Great Britain from Brit Lit whether Charles Dickens or any number of contemporary murder mystery writers. Livens it all up a bit, doncha think? Beatiful photograph, Jeanne.