Saturday Snapshots #23


The full spectrum, Madrid 2006

The Almudena Cathedral in Madrid is named after one of Madrid's patron saints, Santa Maria de la Almudena, and is one of my favourite places in Madrid.  It is one of Europe's most modern cathedrals and cause quite a stir when it was first unveiled to the public.  Although building work started in 1883, the cathedral was only completed and consecrated by Pope John Paul II in 1993.  The cathedral reflects a unique blend of architectural styles and the interior is unusually and appealingly bright, thanks to a central cupola with windows on all four sides.  All the stained glass windows in the cathedral are arrestingly colourful and done in a modern pop art style - and when the sun shines, they stain the otherwise restrained interior architecture with an exuberant rainbow of colours.

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  1. says

    Stunning photo. Buildings erected these days are done in such a wishy washy style which is a shame. I guess that’s why people really appreciate old churches because most of them exude quality because of the builders’ sweat and tears.