I’m doing NaBloPoMo 2008 – are you?

NaBloPoMo08 I must need my head examined.  Either that, or I am a glutton for punishment! 

Since I've come back from Chicago I've struggled to get three posts a week out, let alone one a day.  But despite this, I've decided to take part in NaBloPoMo again.

Wondering what I'm on about?  Well, NaBloPoMo is the acronym for National Blog Posting Month, an event that caters for people like me who are too busy (read: lazy) to do NaNoWriMo ;-) If you cast your mind back to last November, you'll remember that I lived on caffeine and adrenaline for a month and brought you a post every day in November 2007 (every day – count 'em!). And for your viewing pleasure, I'll be doing it again this year!  With a bit of luck, I can use this as an excuse make a dent in my bulging folder of travel tales… 

So please do join me for the next 30 days of non-stop CookSister (please feel free to tag me for memes – inspiration may be needed as the month wears on!).   And if you want to sign up and join me, there's still time :) 

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  1. says

    A streak of madness nearly had me joining you, then reality set in and I decided not to pressure myself after all, but I’ll be reading you every day so good luck and I look forward to it!

  2. says

    GO SIS GO…you BRAVEHEART! I would, if I could, but the hub will run away!! Everytime I read Nablopomo I have to go back & check the full form! You are brave…YAY for you!!!

  3. says

    I’ve signed up for the torture that is NaBloPoMo as well so will be looking frantically for 30 days worth of inspiration – thankfully London has lots of good food! Good luck, I’ll check in and see how it’s going.

  4. says

    And I thought I was completely and entirely out of my mind….
    I am completely and totally impressed! I can’t even begin to imagine posting every day for a week, let alone a month!

  5. says

    you’re a lunatic signing up again jeanne! good luck though – like many others i’ll be cheering you on from a more lacksadaisacal place…

  6. Carolyn McNamara says

    I have been so wrapped up in all my family happenings, I just I am not too late to post my vote for you. WELL DONE BRAVO
    Caroly- South Australia