We came, we saw, we ran…


Raceforlifenjrl Well, the Big Race Day came and went…and hey, guess what, I can still walk unaided 😉

I just wanted to let you know how it went and to thank each and every one who sponsored us VERY MUCH for your generosity. Between me and Lesley we have raised over £700, plus I found out today that my employer will pay £300 in sponsorship as well – so we have raised over £1000 for cancer research! Very impressive!  And if anybody was waiting to see if we actually completed the race before they donated, it’s not too late!  The sponsorship page is still open until the end of next week – so get those credit cards out!  Any amount, however small will do…

Anyway, Sunday dawned beautifully sunny – hurrah! Collected my team mate Lesley & partner Roger from their place and headed for Maidstone. The traffic was awe-inspiring, so we were very glad when we got a lucky break and ended up being directed by a policeman right into Mote Park, to park within a hundred metres of the start. On the start there was just a mass of women – all ages, shapes, sizes etc etc – you name it! And everyone was wearing a back sign – a piece of paper you got in your race pack that said: “I race for life for…” with space for you to write a name or paste a picture). Some very moving ones. Mine and Lesley’s both said “Christelle 1975-2005″ with a picture of her. While we were waiting for the start, they also asked the tons of people who had blue Race for Life helium balloons to release them and it was actually very affecting to see all these blue balloons floating into the sky, like letting go of loved ones.

Anyway, soon we were off and to our horror we realised that this was not a big flat park like Regents Park but a great big hilly one. However (and here’s the astounding bit!) running outside in the fresh air with springy green grass underfoot is… a lot more fun than running on the treadmill! And therefore a lot easier! We were really planning to walk most of it, but you just got such a spring in your step that you WANTED to run. EWe ended up running when it was flat or downhill and power walking uphill which worked really well – we could not believe it when they said we had covered 2km already! At the halfway mark, Nick, Roger and Donald (Christelle’s husband) waited for us and we saw them before they saw us so we could SPRINT towards them waving our arms and yelling like women possessed (a little self-promotion never hurt…) After exchanging rather breathless pleasantries, it was off again for the second half and we just sailed through. The last 500m is up a gentle hill and then into the final bit where, just like in a proper marathon, there is a fenced-off corridor that you run along towards the finish line with people standing all along and cheering you – so we SPRINTED along there and did a big finale, crossing the finish line holding hands and cheering like crazy.  We finished in about 45 mins, which pleased us no end.

The amazing thing is a) how much we enjoyed it (being two self-professed non-runners) and b) how motivating it was to be part of such a tremendous fundraising effort. I will definitely be doing it again next year (only next year I will remember to bring and wear my flashing bunny ears!) 

For those who are interested, take a peek at my Flickr photoset of pictures from the race day.

**STOP PRESS**  The End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza deadline has been extended until the end of this week!!  So there’s still time to join in the fun… I hope to have my contribution up in the next day or so.

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  1. says

    Brilliant, fantastic, you hero you, wonderful and thanks for extending the End Of Month Egg thingy!! I love it!!
    Also, you have done something that not too many of us (me especially) have or will do. That is to run for a cause that means so much to you.
    I have used up all the superlatives I had in my pantry and I think what you have done is beyond splashing out words to acknowledge and bless you for what you did.
    Apart from this I think you deserve a special place in Blogosphere because of the supreme effort that will benefit so many.
    Lots of hugs n hugs and icky kiss air here, kiss air there and “omigawd you look ravishing in cerise pink running shorts dahlink” nonsense.

  2. Misty says

    Hi Lady!!!
    We absolutely love your blog! Even my husband who is a picky as hell spoiled Japanese eater. If you don’t mind, I shall add you to my links! Ciao!

  3. Rethabile says

    Tha plate of ribs and chips looks like something I feel like eating right now. I would also not mind washing it down with that lovely looking beverage you’re toasting with. You did it. Kudos and bravos to you.

  4. says

    Hi Robert
    *Blush blush blush*!! Thank you for all the gratuitous use of superlatives! And the air kisses! I really did enjoy our little run and I am SO impressed with the support that we received (from fabulous people like yourself!) It is great to know that we raised over £1000 for a cause so close to my heart. This charity thinkg could get addictive…
    And as for the cerise pink running shorts – who told, who told?? :o)
    Hi Misty
    Thanks for dropping by and I’m thrilled to hear how much you like Cooksister! It would be an honour to be added to your links :-) Hope to see you back soon…
    Hi Rethabile
    I do have to say that the ribs and chips were well worth the effort of the run! And henceforth in wine and food matching discussions I shall be recommending champagne as an ideal accompaniment to BBQ ribs!! Thanks again for your continued support – it’s very much appreciated.