EoMEoTE#11 – Eggs Benedisco

My, my, her eggy crown Cooksister did surrender.

Oh yes, but Stephanie is standing in and doing a splendid job.

The recipe book’s off the shelf,

The deadline is looming – please help!!

Eggaloo!  Eggs are repeated, they never bore.

Eggaloo!  Promise to love you for evermore…

Yup folks, if you were waiting for the EoMEoTE announcement to appear here, you’ll be waiting an awful long time.  Why?  Because it’s being guest hosted over at Stephanie’s!  And in the recent tradition of EoMEoTE she has let her imagination run riot with the theme…  As the more observant among you may have guessed from the above, she has chosen 70s-style song lyrics as this months’ literary theme!

So what are you waiting for…  Cook some eggs, toast some bread and put on that spandex catsuit.  Dance around your kitchen in the light of the glitter ball, singing into your whisk, and all will be well with the world.

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  1. says

    Put on the spandex catsuit, Jeanne?? Oh my no. Haul out tie-dyed Tshirt, macrame vest, raparound embroidered Indian cotton skirt or embroidered jeans, headscarf and birkenstocks please and sit crosslegged on the floor in an earnest circle while the eggs cook and the bread toasts. Be careful not to let beads fall into the eggs….
    Disco schmisco… phooey.