One egg, two egg – the EoMEoTE#10 Dr Seuss round-up

I’m the host,

I like toast.

I like eggs on eggs on toast.

Make them salty, make them sweet

Egg and toast’s just up my street.

You can make them in a pie;

With some bacon you can fry.

Bake ’em in a custard tart,

Make ’em novel – that’s the art.

Add some verse, add some rhyme

You’ll be applauded every time!


Alanna is the veggie chick

New dishes give her such a kick

Have and onion – no have two!

And here is what we’re gonna do:

Slice ’em, dice ’em, come and see –

Cook them one day, two days, three!

With toasted bread and scrambled egg

You won’t just ask for more – you’ll beg!


I am Steve,

I like to cook

My dishes do not come from books.

My ideas are big and teeny-weeny,

I use up lobster and zucchini.

I toss in eggs and make a tart –

And simple fare becomes an art!


Ruth‘s our girl up in Toronto

She’ll whip you up a breakfast pronto.

She likes her eggs a little green

It’s unlike anything you have seen

Don’t like green eggs without the ham?

Try something different from her pan –

You’ll be thrilled

By toast, egg-filled!


I am Dale.

I am male.

I eat everything without fail.

I will eat a dinner for two,

I will eat an Irish stew.

I will bite and I will chew,

I’ll even eat Nupur‘s green goo!


Steph is coughing,

Steph is sneezing,

But she still cooks despite the wheezing.

She cuts her toast a little round

She fries up omelette by the pound.

Some toasts get stars, some do not –

But either way they still taste hot!


Julie‘s market trip will get

The contents of an omelette.

Stir in basil, stir in corn –

The making of some real food-porn!

If ciabatta drives your wild,

This one is for you, my child!


At Cook’s Cottage there’s a royal

Her eggs can’t just be left to boil.

Oh no:

Gotta blow!

Gotta seal!

Gotta peel!

Dipped in crumbs, dipped in butter!

"Thanks, Princess!" I hear you mutter.


I am Pim.

On a whim,

I give Michelin stars a spin.

I go all gooey

If you mention El Bulli,

I shout "hooray!

For the Fat Duck at Bray.

I ate greens, ham and egg

Now guess where, I beg!


Andrew‘s the name,

Wine’s the game,

But I’ll do eggs for this fair dame.

I will not bake them in a flan,

I will not eat them in Japan

I will not eat with humourless Stan.

But I will eat muffins

Devoid of puffins.


Alice has a craving –

Her calories she’s a-saving:

For one big toast fest

(They do say French is best!)

Although P’s sceptical

He wasn’t dyspeptical:

"A roaring success,

I have to confess!"


Shauna’s one for whom I’m rootin’

She eats toast but never gluten.

Sent her on a camping trip

Where the roosters just let rip.


What’s a girl to do?

Poach eggs and toast bread

To soothe the sleepiest head.


Sarah loves her greens and toast,

Not much ham, but eggs – the most!

Picks stuff from her veggie patch-a,

Toasts a chunk of fresh focaccia.

Shaved cheese?

Yes please!

Pile ’em high, those eggs and veg,

And bite this eggy, toasty wedge.


Zoe‘s brave,

Zoe’s crazy,

Zoe says her dish is lazy.

To celebrate her taking part

She conjures up the slackest tart

She also braves a broody chicken

To get her custard finger-lickin’.


Lizzie likes green eggs and naan

She sizzles chillies in her pan

She really is a major fan,

She’ll make you flatbread when she can.

She makes a chilli omelette

(Do not feed this to your pet!)

Have one bite and you will get

Excited by her food I’ll bet!


Sam‘s her name,

Food’s her game,

Your tastebuds she will try to tame.

First you get a jar of honey,

Then you bag yourself a bunny

Oh – you do not think that’s funny?

Well grab a beer, grab some cheese,

Pass the sage and mustard please.

She grills it, serves it and with that,

Pulls the rabbit out the hat!

* * *

In Sydney I think Augustus cheats –

She says she’s cooking silverbeets.

She chops, she beats,

She grates, she heats,

There’s toast, there’s eggs

(Cut in a wedge).

But here’s the strangest thing I’ve seen –

Her "silver" beets have come out green!

* * *

I am Saffy

I go daffy

For eggs in toast – they’re not so naffy.

I will not have them with a scone,

I will not eat them in Gabon

I think eggs on toast’s a con,

I’ll have my eggies in not on.

* * *

I’m Johanna

My food’s a stunner

My guests will never do a runner.

I cook eggs and I cook toast.

I buy food from coast to coast.

The other day I thought: "I say,

I think I’ll make a canape!"

The best egg ham rolls you have seen

Not boring yellow but vibrant green!

* * *

Now Lily-Lou Who

Was the littlest Who

She could not reach the pot of Who stew.

But with toaster and pan

Mom Moira had a plan –

Instead of roast joints

She made egg and toast points

And so young Lily-Lou

At her share – and Mom’s too!

* * *

Hi to Lady Amalthea

She tempts us with quesadilla!

The mayo goes a little funny –

Too much oil made it runny!

We’ll just drizzle it instead

And add to that tomatoes red.

Bread so liberally topped with cheese

Can surely never fail to please.

* * *

Here is Anapestic Greg

Who likes his pasta with some egg.

Be gentle now – it’s his first time –

He just could not resist the rhyme

Of Dr Seuss – he’s a fan.

So he devised a cunning plan

To join us in our eggy quest

And now he’s featured he can rest.

* * *

Down in Perth

Spicey gives birth

To loads of food and loads of mirth.

His wine he fries

(It’s true – no lies!)

No dish is he afraid to try,

No novelty will pass him by

What’s up this month?  Holy moley!

It’s red bean paste in ravioli!

* * *

And so my dear friends, that is all –

I know that you have been enthralled.

But one announcement I must make:

I plan to take a little break.

And so this month (that is, September)

Stephanie will have to render

Her very own interpretation

Of this eggy celebration!

* * *

Yes, folks, Stephanie will be guest-hosting EoMEoTE#11 – make sure you head on over to her place and see what challenges she has in store for you!  See you there…

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  1. says

    Your poetry round-up is quite impressive. Very nice job. I don’t have much time for the food blogging events, but I do plan to try this one sometime. Looking forward to it.

  2. says

    no wonder it takes you ages to do a write-up… brilliant show again this time! but you make it impossible to ever step in your shoes, who in their right minds would think they can match this? I certainly couldn’t 😉

  3. says

    You know, this kind of thing is just too much! How are we all expected to keep up? It takes me two days to do a Paper Chef roundup writing in the most basic plain prose! I canna ken how you do this – unless you have a multiple personality disorder and one of them is Dr Suess?
    REALLY wonderful roundup. I loved it. Just make sure you don’t use up so much energy you stop posting. You are one of me perennial stops on the blog roundabout and one of the few I read everything you write. I truly appreciate the effort.

  4. says

    Damn, Sister…you are the queen of the round-up! Thank you for including me, even though I didn’t write a proper entry! I can’t wait to see what Stephanie’s got in store for #11. 😉

  5. says

    Hi Nupur
    *blush* – thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Always nice to have you participating!
    Hi Kalyn
    Glad you enjoyed it. And please do join us next time! I think it’s great that there’s so much support for the only ovo-literary event in the blogosphere 😉
    Hi Lady Amalthea
    Aww, thanks! Great post, btw. And thanks for being such a faithful supporter!
    Hi Johanna
    Nooooo, please feel free to step in any time!! And part of the reason it took me so long to finish was that the computer is currently in the lounge and I have to try and ignore the news/sports channel/whatever else my father & husband are watching and concentrate on rhymes! Not recommended. 😉
    Hi Owen
    *double blush* Thanks you thank you! You do have a point though – the round-ups sap my energy to the point that I hardly post anythign else. But I have guest-hosts for September and October, so maybe I will actualyl get back to blogging somethign other than eggs!! Also off to the USA for 2 weeks next month, so will have to try my hand at blogging on the move. Thanks for your lovely compliments – it’s stuff like this that I keeps me blogging :-)
    Hi Moira
    Wouldn’t dream of not including you, you eggy stalwart! Glad you enjoyed the round-up – I had a ball writing it. I have a hint of what Stephanie has in store, and believe me, it’s a goodie!

  6. says

    Jeanne – if you are heading out in the direction of the SF Bay Area let me know – it would be my honor to host a bloggers barbecue for you.

  7. says

    Hi Owen
    That’s so nice!!! Hey – we could have done a mutltinational book-signing! 😉 But unfortunately it’s going to be a case of “so near and yet so far” – I’ll be spending 3 nights in LA and 2 in San Diego before heading inland to Vegas, the Grand Canyon & ultimately, Mexico for a wedding. Any thoughts on eating (on a budget!!) in LA or SD??

  8. says

    Hey look sister
    You sure can cook sister
    Now as a writer you’ve made a stir.
    You call that a line-up?
    My blog I’ll have to shine-up!
    This list is a major dose
    Of Seussy poetry not prose
    Have you ever thought-er
    Of being a published author?

  9. says

    Excellent round-up, Jeanne!! (Have I mentioned before that you are brilliant?)
    -Elizabeth (Hey!!! Only my dad ever gets to call me Lizzie!)

  10. says

    Hi Shauna
    Thank you thank you Shauna!
    Maybe I should warn her
    That with praise like that
    My head soon outgrows my hat…! 😉
    Hi Deccanheffalump
    Every day, every day…
    All offers from publishers considered!! :o)
    Thanks for the lavish praise *blush*
    Hi Elizabeth
    Hmm, you might have… but go on, say it again! 😀 And apologies for the Lizzie thing but it just scans soooo much better! And besides, there are nicer rhymes available…
    Hi Anthony
    So you didn’t mention my roomful of trained rhyming Oompa Loompas then? Good man. It’ll just be our little secret…

  11. says

    I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to read the recap!!! Where have I been? I really was just looking to see what the next batch of EoMEoTE is.
    You are quite awesome, I must say.