Zonnebloem Pinotage – Derek’s WBW#6 contribution

[Here’s a WBW#6 contribution from Derek Holl who does not yet have his own blog – but he seems to be thinking about it!]

After cramming a week’s worth of work into three days over the weekend, I settled down Sunday night to relax with a good book (Deception Point by Dan Brown, every bit the page turner that Da Vinci Code is), and a bottle of South African red wine purchased from my local wine merchant. There’s really nothing better when you’re completely exhausted than enjoying a nice evening with a bottle and a book.

My tasting notes…

2002 Zonnebloem Pinotage

This South African red had me torn. The harsh tannins at the start turned me off but they gave way to a very intriguing finish! It had a nose of cherry and spice and the smooth finish had a wonderful balance of fruit and earth. The tremendously long finish gave me hope for this wine. Five or six years may soften the initial tannins and turn this into a very nice wine.

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