End of month egg on toast extravaganza #1


As most readers will know, there has been a proliferation of monthly food blog events, like Is My Blog Burning?, Worldwide Wine Blogging Wednesday, Does My Blog Look Good in This? , Sugar High Fridays and now, the Paper Chef.  It can be a bit overwhelming trying to participate in all of them – so no wonder that a week or two ago, Anthony at Spiceblog posted a piece called Does My Blog Burn Out Saturday.  In it, he proposed a whole bunch of ideas for similar, yet slightly off the wall, cooking days, like:

“*Is my Sacrifice to Baal Worthy? Wednesday
* Localised Good Luck Getting These Ingredients Monthly
* Travesty of Tradition Tuesday
* Where I’ve hid the Gin Sunday
* Feast on the Flesh of Thine Enemy Foodblog Fiesta
Worldwide use of Foodstuffs in a Non-food way Wednesday
Nude with Food November
* International No Really You can Make Delicious and Moist Cakes in the Microwave Monday
* You’re Late, You’re Drunk, The Dinner’s in The Oven and It’s Burnt Wednesday
* The only Thing I can do right Is Cook and Now I’ve gone and burnt this cake Thursday
* Haven’t had These Since Prison Wednesday
Surreptitiously Testing Food Allergies September
* Trinational Killing and Grilling Tuesday
* All Offal October”

Anyway, in the comments section I then added a few more, like

* “Is that raccoon really dead?” – Roadkill Thursdays
* Cholesterol fry-up Fridays
* End-of-month egg on toast extravaganza
* Amuse Bouche-tucker – tasty appetisers from the Outback

As is his habit, Mr Spiceblog took the whole joke one step further and posted his contribution to the EoMEoTE#1.  And as creator of the concept, I feel I can’t possibly refrain from posting too, so below is what we had for breakfast over the weekend:

EggontoastScrambled egg (whites whipped separately for extra fluffiness), wilted spinach (wilted in a pan with some olive oil and garlic) and smoked salmon on wholewheat toast.  Note also the home-grown chives scattered on top!  So OK, it doesn’t really fit in with the original concept (i.e. I’m eating egg on toast because I have no money, it’s not payday yet and it’s all I have) – but what the hell, rules are meant to be broken.  And I couldn’t resist…!

Let’s see what the end of next month brings…

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  1. says

    …you know when things are REALLY going to get out of hand – when there is an item on BBC News titled “My partner left me because I spend too much time cooking and writing about it…” – ok not the BBC, maybe the Daily Mail 😉 I would hope that all food bloggers are well away from such troubles right now… And shame on spiceblog – if you had announced the event on ismyblogburning.com I am sure many more would have joined in… not fair to keep all the fun for yourselves :-)

  2. says

    In the immortal words of Queen:
    “Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time, I’m having a ball”
    Look forward to your version of events!
    No announcements were made as I didn’t think any of these topics would progress beyond an in-joke!! Good thing Spiceblog chose to do the egg theme, not the roadkill theme 😉 Will have to consider throwing it open to the public next month…
    No, blogging not threatening marriage yet, but the delay between plating and eating when I insist on taking photographs is driving hubby INSANE!

  3. says

    I can relate to the photograph delay problem! Especially when you have a bunch of Italians around you who are shouting – but you MUST it eat NOW otherwise its RUINED… I am getting faster…

  4. says

    “My partner left me because I spend too much time cooking and writing about it…” : )
    Given the stunning success so far, I think we can run this next month. From little things big things grow.

  5. says

    Hi Jeanne,
    Sorry, I was going to post my entry too, but like I indicated to Anthony, I was too hungry and my eggs on toast were too far gone for a photo-op. (Let’s just say that the whole thing wasn’t looking too photogenic at the time.) =P
    Ahhhh….maybe next time!

  6. says

    Whew these eggs look good. You whipped the white? I think I have a lot to learn … my scrambled eggs are like this: crush the egg shell on the rim of the pan (don’t make too much mess) throww the egg (without the shell) in the pan, grab a spoon or something and stir. Et voilà: scrambled eggs. I guess I am not much of a cook. But then again I rarely do scrambled eggs. 😉

  7. says

    That’s where a camera with fast auto-focus comes in!!
    OK, you’re on! We can alternate the hosting – agreed??
    [Aside to self: Aaaaaarrrrrgh!! Have already made the one egg-on-toast dish I know. Now what???? I peaked too early!!]
    No worries! It’s the THOUGHT that counts :o) And next month you can always make double so that there is a dish to be photographed while you are munching on its twin.
    I have to admit that I don’t normally go to the lengths of whipping the whites separately, but this was a special occasion! What I do always do is break the eggs in a bowl first and beat them with a bit of milk and seasoning before tipping the mixture into a hot pan and scrambling. But Nick does exactly what you do!! I think it also depends on how hungry you are on that day and how fast you need to get food on the plate 😉

  8. says

    It’s End of Month Eggs on Toast,
    Created by Jeanne, the talented host
    This month a limerick
    Will do the trick
    To explain your entry and culinary post
    What came to mind was a Monte Cristo
    But with a twist, ala the Fool’s Bistro
    Bread, eggs, chicken and cheese
    Add something savory, to please –
    Stack ‘em up on the grill, then eat the little feast-o.
    You can find my entry here: http://spaces.msn.com/members/culinaryfool/Blog/cns!1pYNGy2haD1h_titL1O7uNXQ!835.entry
    ~ B

  9. Blog Carnival says

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