Paris photo album and some black and whites

At last!  You were probably beginning to think I was kidding about having taken loads of photographs in Paris (and various other locations) as you have never seen them…  But all that is about to change with the launch of my photo albums! Currently there are only two worth looking at (Paris Aug 04 and Black and White) – the others are still a work in progress.  But please feel free to have a look around the two I have mentioned and feel free to comment here on what you see.  I will be updating these as I get more photos edited and will let you know when new stuff is posted.


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  1. says

    Hi Ronni
    So glad you liked them – and always nice to know you stopped by. I still want to do a family timeline like you have on your blog – I have some great old photos but no working scanner, grrrr. One day…

  2. says

    Glad you liked them! Have had a look at Flickr but have not got as far as seriously evaluating whether that’s what I want. But with the volume of photos I’m taking, perhaps I should conserve space here for food and put my albums elsewhere. Will keep you posted!