Seven South African wine estates you need to visit



One of the things that I have learnt as a South African living in the UK is that the wines that you see on supermarket shelves from South Africa is in no way representative of South African wines in the broader sense.  For one, supermarkets demand such a massive supply of a particular product that all boutique wineries are already automatically excluded because of their small production – and boutique wineries are often where all the exciting wines are made.  Also, many people don’t realise that some of the labels they recognise as South African here in the UK are made purely for export – so although technically Kumala might be South Africa’s best selling wine, it certainly isn’t the one that any of my South African friends would list as their top choice.  This means that when wine-loving tourists visit South Africa, they are often not sure which wine estates to visit and often end up visiting the same few big names like Spier, Groot Constantia or Delaire. The list I have put together below provides you with a few more eclectic suggestions, all of which I have visited and loved for different reasons. It’s a very personal list and I am sure everybody I ask would come up with a different list, but you can’t go wrong with visiting any of these fabulous wineries. Click here for a full portion

Sunday brunch at the Green Bar @ the Hotel Cafê Royal


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