Margherita pizza grilled cheese sandwiches

Love pizza? Then you'll adore this pizza grilled cheese sandwich. All the deliciousness of pizza between 2 slices of bread :)

My colleagues tell me I am weird. Nothing truly dysfunctional, mind you – I don’t keep mice in my filing drawer (or tequila, for that matter); I don’t hum tunelessly to myself all day; and I don’t eat salt cod casserole, durian fruit or Epoisse cheese sandwiches to work. I don’t clip my nails at my desk (fingers or toes!); I don’t leave passive-aggressive notes on food in the fridge; and I don’t write ALL CAPS E-MAILS when annoyed. But I can resist temptation and keep a chocolate bar obtained mid-morning sitting on my desk until I have coffee mid-afternoon without any problems. In fact, I have been known to keep and entire slab of chocolate in my desk drawer for a week, doling it out a bit at a time to my 3 pod-mates, and never be tempted to gobble it all up when they aren’t looking. But if they were to leave a block of mature cheddar on my desk, it would be gone by noon. Click here for a full portion

Very berry G&Ts – #LetsCocktail!

VeryBerryG&TTitle © J Horak-Druiff 2015

Back in the 1980s and 1990s when I travelled abroad from South Africa, I remember that the main thing people always asked me to bring back was perfume and aftershave. Some things were just cheaper abroad (this was before the Rand exchange rate tanked!) and some products simply weren’t available in South Africa yet – […]

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Review: Tredwell’s from Marcus Wareing


Click on Marcus Wareing’s entry in Wikipedia and it reads like London restaurant-themed miniseries.  There are restaurant openings, restaurant closures, legal battles, celebrity chef appearances, television appearances,  long-standing feuds (with Gordon Ramsay, no less) and a flurry of Michelin stars.  In fact, move over The 100 Foot Journey – this is a racy foodie movie waiting to happen. You’d […]

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