STK London


Service Question: how many times can you walk past a London venue without actually realising it is there?  Answer: more times than you think!  I have walked up Aldwych and The Strand on numerous occasions but it was only when I was actually headed for dinner at STK that I realised where it was (across the road from One Aldwych). The restaurant is a London outpost of an American chain and describes itself as a blend of modern steakhouse and a chic lounge, with emphasis on “the social experience” and a “vibe-driven approach to fine dining”. Every STK restaurant has a DJ and I am told that at weekends, evenings end with diners dancing on the tables. Click here for a full portion

Blood orange posset


As many of my food-minded readers might know, Saturday 14 March was Pi day – officially a day to celebrate the mathematical constant (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter), but also appropriated by the food blogging community as pie day (geddit??).  They are probably also familiar with  pancake day and Nutella […]

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