Dukley Beach Lounge, Montenegro


I have friends who research their forthcoming trips with the zeal of Francis Crick on the night before he cracked the DNA code.  They can tell you about the population, climate and geopolitical history of the country; who its presidents have been; what its farmers grow; and how many times they have won Eurovision. They can wax lyrical about its local cuisine; its traditional dances; and the difficulty of pronouncing diphthongs in the local dialect.  I am not one of these people.  Don’t get me wrong – I am not the kind of traveller who books no hotels and shows up at a foreign train station at midnight with an optimistic attitude that “something will come up” as regards accommodation.  I like to have my hotel carefully selected and booked; and often I like to have a couple of restaurants booked. But other than that, I quite like showing up in a foreign country with no preconceived expectations and a mind like a blank canvas waiting for the country to leave its unique imprint. That’s pretty much how I arrived in Montenegro. Click here for a full portion

Review: Tredwell’s from Marcus Wareing


Click on Marcus Wareing’s entry in Wikipedia and it reads like London restaurant-themed miniseries.  There are restaurant openings, restaurant closures, legal battles, celebrity chef appearances, television appearances,  long-standing feuds (with Gordon Ramsay, no less) and a flurry of Michelin stars.  In fact, move over The 100 Foot Journey – this is a racy foodie movie waiting to happen. You’d […]

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