Le Brunch at The Balcon (Sofitel St James)


Do you ever look at other people’s Facebook feeds and feel just a little bit as if you are underachieving in your own life? That your kids aren’t as adorable; your house not as perfect; your pets not as quirky or amusing; your holidays not as exotic; and your life just lacking in good old-fashioned decadence? Don’t worry – I’m not going to tell you that the solution is to go cold turkey and cancel your Facebook account or stop spending so much time on Pinterest.  There is a far simpler way to add some decadence to your life: go out for brunch. There is just something about having brunch that is subtly more decadent than other meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all practical, necessary meals, breaking the day into two halves and providing sustenance at the end of the working day.  But brunch – now that’s another story. Brunch says “I have nowhere else to be – I can eat from the morning into the afternoon and no boss is going to fire me”. Brunch lets you have a cappuccino and a cocktail in the same meal and even the Italians would not object. Brunch can take up three hours and still leave you time for a stroll in the park. cocktails and dinner. What’s not to like? Click here for a full portion

Very berry white chocolate chunk muffins

These muffins are stuffed with the goodness of berries and the indulgence of white chocolate. Whip up a batch in 45 minutes or less!

In 1887, Oscar Wilde wrote: “We have really everything in common with America nowadays, except, of course, language.”  A similar quote is commonly attributed to George Bernard Shaw (“The United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language”) but appears nowhere in his writings.  Still, the theme is clear:  although on […]

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Tom’s Kitchen (Canary Wharf)

A review of Tom's Kitchen, Chelsea

The first time I visited one of Tom Aikens’ restaurants (Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea) was not that long after the debacle where the talented enfant terrible of London’s kitchen scene was alleged to have held a hot palette knife to a junior chef’s cheek in a fit of anger. With this story still fresh in our minds, […]

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