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I learnt many things from my late mom.  She taught me to love the intricacies of language, from how beautiful poetry can use words to bring you to tears, to how to write formal letters with razor-sharp wit, meaning and clarity. It is because of her that I love to travel to new places with an open mind and an optimistic outlook.  She showed me how to be strong and independent and not to limit myself according to what other people think or say.  It’s from her that I get my lifelong obsession with cats, shoes and scarves.  And growing up in a house where she cooked proper food from scratch almost every single night has meant that takeaways and ready meals are a rare treat in our house, rather than staples.  She also taught me how to borrow recipes – her hand-written recipe index book that I inherited is littered with loose sheets of paper in other people’s handwriting containing things like “Evelyn’s nutty wheat bread”, “Barbara’s Shanghai steak” or “Alison’s Black Forest trifle”.  But she not only collected friend’s recipes – she was also adept at gleaning ideas from restaurants – which is how smoked salmon paté moulds became our Christmas meal staple after we had them at a restaurant in cape Town in about 1990. Click here for a full portion →


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High Timber

Thumbnail image for High Timber February 24, 2015

When people hear I am a food blogger, one of the first things they constantly ask is: “So what’s your favourite London restaurant?”. It’s a question that I’ve both come to expect and dread.  Firstly, there is no answer to that question.  It depends on a myriad of variables including what kind of food and […]

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Saturday Snapshots #305

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Cape St Francis sunset, South Africa – January 2015

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Swiss chard with chorizo and eggs: a one-pan wonder

Thumbnail image for Swiss chard with chorizo and eggs: a one-pan wonder February 18, 2015

  Anybody that knows me will know that I have a bit of a thing for pithy sayings that condense big ideas into small sentences.  When I went for the interview for my current job, I was interviewed by the managing partner and one of the colleagues with whom I still share an office. At […]

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Luxury afternoon tea at the Café Royal Hotel’s Oscar Wilde Bar

Thumbnail image for Luxury afternoon tea at the Café Royal Hotel’s Oscar Wilde Bar February 16, 2015

Perhaps it is a consequence of growing up in a relatively young country, but even after fourteen years of living in London, I remain fascinated by the extent to which old things are preserved in Europe. I barely have one glass left from the year we arrived in London, and yet in the V&A I […]

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Exploring Singapore’s amazing cultural diversity

Thumbnail image for Exploring Singapore’s amazing cultural diversity February 10, 2015

As we made our way along the crowded pavements on Serangoon Road in the stifling heat of a tropical Sunday mid-afternoon, tongues still tingling from the  spicy laksa we had at lunch, the words of a friend came back to me. “Singapore? Why would you go there?  It’s so… sterile and soulless!”  In the middle of this seething mass […]

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The Imperial, Chelsea

Thumbnail image for The Imperial, Chelsea February 8, 2015

When I was still a teenager, the Pet Shop Boys famously sang about East end boys and West end girls.  I had never been to London and I had no idea what the difference might be (other than that they clearly came from opposing compass points!) but I certainly got the sense that the West […]

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