Individual chocolate cherry trifles to celebrate 11 years of blogging



Eleven years ago…

  • an unknown student called Mark Zuckerberg went on TV to talk about his little-known website called The Facebook (which only had about 100,000 subscribers at the time)
  • 52.2 million TV viewers tuned in to watch the last ever episode of Friends
  • the Queen Mary II, the largest cruise liner ever built, made her maiden voyage
  • Hot Fuss (The Killers) and American Idiot (Green Day) and Funeral (Arcade Fire) were released
  • 344 people, mostly children were killed in the  Beslan school massacre in Russia
  • Janet Jackson’s costume slipped during the Superbowl halftime show, exposing a nipple and giving us the term “wardrobe malfunction”
  • terrorist bombs on a Madrid commuter train killed 190 people
  • Britney Spears got married.  Erm… twice.
  • Edvard Munch’s The Scream was stolen at gunpoint from the Munch museum in Oslo (it was found, unharmed, in 2006)
  • Google introduced a webmail service called Gmail, which everybody thought was a joke as it was announced on 1 April

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Sunday brunch at the Green Bar @ the Hotel Cafê Royal


  Isn’t it funny how some words in your language can evoke such strong feelings?  A friend of mine recently asked her Facebook friends what their favourite English words are and the variety was quite astonishing.  Some words are obviously pleasurable to roll off the tongue: sibilance, bibulous, scintillate, onomatopoeia or molybdenum.  Some seemed innocuous enough […]

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