Blood orange posset


As many of my food-minded readers might know, Saturday 14 March was Pi day – officially a day to celebrate the mathematical constant (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter), but also appropriated by the food blogging community as pie day (geddit??).  They are probably also familiar with  pancake day and Nutella day – but what of the more obscure world days out there?  The quirky Days of the Year website has made me aware of such classics as Manatee Appreciation Day, Find a Rainbow Day, Scrabble Day, and Take Your Dog to Work Day.  Any takers? You probably also were not aware that last Friday was the United Nations International Day of Happiness – I certainly wasn’t until I opened my newspaper. It seens that the UN in 2012, having recognised the pursuit of happiness as a fundamental human goal, established an International Day of Happiness, to be celebrated each year on 20 March starting from 2013.  The idea is for individuals and groups to raise awareness of factors inhibiting our search for happiness (alienation and loneliness are rife in modern society) and to take part in small or large actions to increase the collective level of happiness. Click here for a full portion

Caldo verde soup


  Authenticity (n) – truthfulness of origins, attributes, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions Thus spake Wikipedia. And it’s a word that you increasingly hear being bandied about as a buzzword. If anybody under the age of 75 or so gets on a plane these days to go somewhere else, they no longer want to identify themselves as tourists. “Oh no,” they say disdainfully, […]

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