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Creamy chickpea, spinach and zucchini curry

Thumbnail image for Creamy chickpea, spinach and zucchini curry January 9, 2014

Last month, my youngest nephew celebrated his seventh birthday.  On the night before his birthday, his mom was putting him to bed and noticed that he seemed a little subdued.  She asked him what was wrong and he replied:  “I’m sad because it’s my last night of being six”.  Mom responded: “But just think – […]

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Thai-spiced roast pumpkin soup

Thumbnail image for Thai-spiced roast pumpkin soup November 3, 2010

My hometown of Port Elizabeth has many great characteristics.  It has great people who are friendly and welcoming.  It has miles of pristine beaches.  It has all the amenities of a big city while still being a comfortably manageable size. But what it doesn’t have is four noticeable seasons. Obviously, there is summer – a […]

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Curried vegetable potjiekos

Thumbnail image for Curried vegetable potjiekos June 29, 2010

  A colleague of mine recently returned from a week of watching FIFA 2010 World Cup football in South Africa.  He said the football was so-so, but he loved the country – and the food.  Because he stayed with friends rather than in a hotel, he really got to eat what the locals ate.  The first […]

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