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Hello and thank you very much for visiting my site!

If you are a PR or want to work with me, you will find plenty of useful information on my PR queries page and I suggest you read that first., to save your and my time.

If you stumbled across my site and are simply curious to know more about me, read on – all shall be revealed below…


I am Jeanne Horak-Druiff, born and raised in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. In another life, I passed my Bar exams and started practising as a criminal advocate; and I later lectured commercial law for eight of the happiest years of my working life. In 2000, my boyfriend (now husband) developed itchy feet and a dream to work overseas and I decided to accompany him to London with the intention of staying a year. It’s now 14 years later and we are still here, happier than ever, which just goes to show that life is what happens while you make other plans. I never returned to the world of legal academia (sorry mom, sorry dad!), but I still have a full time day-job in a City law firm in a knowledge management and training role.

When I am not at my day job, I am a food, wine and travel blogger; a freelance recipe developer; freelance writer who has written for various online and print publications including Crush, Food24 and Great British Chefs; and a speaker/trainer with many years of experience in lecturing a well as presenting seminars and hands-on workshops. I have spoken at a number of international blogging conferences, covering topics such as legal aspects of blogging; writing style and voice; recipe writing & editing; blogging for beginners; camera techniques; and post-processing. I am one of the founders and organisers of From Plate to Page, a food writing and photography workshop, where I taught food writing and photography; and one of the organisers of the South African Food and Wine Blogger Indaba conference.


  • I take pictures every day, both with my Canon DSLR and with my Samsung phone camera.
  • I have a habit of marrying the same man over and over again
  • I have an obsession verging on OCD about putting things in chronological order.
  • I will choose savoury over sweet, and cats over dogs, every time.
  • I would take the following 5 movies with me to a desert island (a well-equipped island with DVD players and aircon, obviously!): Out of Africa; Dirty Dancing; Point Break; Muriel’s Wedding; and A Fish Called Wanda.


I have been a writer in some form or another since I was ten years old – from journals to poems to fiction to non-fiction. I started this blog in May 2004 before blogging was “a thing” and all my friends thought the internet was where you met axe murderers. I had heard that a blog was a way to make your writing available to an international audience, for free, with no technical programming knowledge required – how could I refuse? I started out with no game plan and no marketing strategy in an age when social media was but a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye. Ten years later, I love blogging as much as ever – it is the best creative outlet I could ever have dreamed of, and I would recommend everybody to try it once.


I love how food forms the backdrop to all the milestones in our lives – a wedding breakfast, a graduation dinner, a farewell cocktail party. It ties us to our past and our family with cords that can’t be broken. And even in a foreign land, you can recreate the favourite tastes of your childhood and take comfort from them. To me, the story of what I eat is the story of my life, and you will find plenty of stories to keep you amused on my blog. Let’s just say brevity is not my strong point. Food and travel make natural bedfellows and they are two things that I have been in love with since childhood. As teenager I once told my mom: “Our family’s only two extravagances are food and travel”. Nothing’s changed.


As a general rule, I don’t interfere with comments, other than to remove anything spam-related or that is obviously a punt for some commercial enterprise. I welcome discussion in the comments and you can say what you like, but if you make a snotty remark, don’t be surprised if you get a snotty response. Also please bear in mind that this is my cyber home. I wouldn’t tolerate people coming into my house and being rude to me, and I won’t tolerate it here. Play nice. And don’t even think of saying anything racist, sexist, insulting of a particular religion or otherwise inflammatory – I will remove it so fast it will make your head spin. This is a food blog, not a soapbox for people with an axe to grind.


I do occasionally accept items or books for review, and I am happy to be invited to events or on press trips – please see my full review policy for details. A lot of fuss has been made about bloggers accepting freebies and how this makes us all a bunch of unethical sycophants whose opinions are not valid – I can’t get excited about this “debate”. All  items received for free are fully disclosed and I retain full editorial control of all posts. Please feel free to read a few posts and make up your own mind about my ethics. Please do not send me press releases for items I have never used, recipes I have not made, or places I have never been, and then pester me asking whether I have published something about them on my blog yet. The answer is always going to be no. It isn’t going to happen. The same goes for guest posts – if I want you to guest post for me, I will invite you.


If you are a newbie blogger looking for advice, you are probably better off visiting the tremendously helpful posts by Delicious DaysDavid Lebovitz or sites like Tips for Food BloggersFood Blog Alliance or Blogger School which contain a wealth of information to answer your every blogging question.  You are also free to ask me foodie questions, but few things enrage me more than spending my precious leisure time putting together a detailed answer to a recipe or restaurant query and then not even getting the courtesy of a simple “thank you” e-mail.   I keep a record of all the reader questions that I have answered on my Cooksister FAQ page.  Take a look – maybe I have answered your question already.


If you haven’t already found it elsewhere, my e-mail address is emailcooksister AT gmail DOT com. I love feedback and suggestions and try to answer all e-mails, even if it takes me a while. I also check my blog comments every day so please feel free to leave one – I love hearing from readers!

If you like my writing or photographs so much that you would like me to commission me to write or photograph something for you, please e-mail me – I am always happy to discuss projects and negotiate rates. Please do not write to me and ask me to provide you with free content because “the client does not have the budget to pay” and offer me “good exposure” instead of payment. The answer is no.

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A koeksister (pronounced “cooksister”) is a delicious plaited, deep-fried syrup-dipped pastry from (where else?) South Africa.




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  1. says

    Dear Jeanne

    I tumbled on your site while googling for snoek fish. I enjoyed reading all about you, the site and what you do. What an incredible being you are!

    I would like to know whether you know of any place here in the US where to get snook in any form. I am dying for it.
    I live in California, originally from Windhoek, Namibia.
    Please help. (The koeksisters make me drool)



  2. Margaret says

    I came across your website while reminiscing about snoek! My husband and I have many memories of South African recipes and food from our childhoods and former lives in Rhodesia and South Africa. Your very entertaing blogs and recipes have fired our imaginations to go back to the foods we remember so well. Thank you!

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