Saturday Snapshots #108

FerrisWheelByNight © J Horak-Druiff 2010

Oktoberfest ferris wheel – Munich, September 2008

When you go to the Munich Oktoberfest, you generally expect lots of beer, lots of bratwurst, lots of drunk Australians, and lots of lederhosen.  And oh yes, you will get all these in spades. What you might not expect is for the (unfeasibly enormous) beer tents to be surrounded by the biggest fairgound you have ever seen, with everything from helter skelters to candy floss stands to a House of Horrors to rollercoasters – in duplicate – to this huge ferris wheel.  Being a life-long loather of roller coasters, this is about the speed of ride I like (!) and you get a spectacular view over the Wiesn and the city from the top.  By the time you read this, I may well be on this ferris wheel – but more likely I will be in a  beer tent soaking up the atmosphere (and the beer!).  Prost!

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  1. says

    Beautiful Shot. One of the best I’ve seen of the reisenrad. I am heading there on Monday. My 11th. How can that be?
    p.s. I hope you’re wearing a dirndl while you’re soaking up that beer!

  2. says

    Hopping from tent to tent and sampling some of the finest beers, from around the world… all in a days work :0)
    I’m so going to miss the summertime no more Glastonbury, party in the park or great British beer festival…we’ll not until next year! This picture of a ferris wheel is absolutly stunning.