My perfect gift…



I love my husband.  Because, deep down, doesn't every girl want a divine pair of boots for her 40th birthday?


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  1. says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEANNE! May you have many many more …
    Very nice boots indeed, I guess another gift will be going out for skiing?
    Have a wonderful one.

  2. says

    Happy Birthday Jeanne!! Hope you had a lovely day!
    The boots are a wonderful birthday present, I would love them too – I’d just need a mountain in the back garden!!

  3. says

    I hope your birthday is/was fantastic and that you will experience many wonderful blessings in the year to come. The boots are amazing!!!

  4. says

    Happy birthday Jeanne. If I hadn’t looked at the comments here I would have had no idea what these boots are for. I’ve never been skiing in my life. At first I thought they were roller skates or whatever those crazy kids call them nowadays but then when I saw they had no wheels I was doubly confused…

  5. says

    Congratulations on reaching the big 4 0! It’s my dream to own my own ski boots, having had so much trouble with rentals in the past. One day…

  6. says

    oh baby! they look amazing! mine are very similar, you know, just not as pretty. not sure i can go skiing with you now as you’ll steal the show!

  7. browniegirl says

    WOW! Lucky girl….these are seriously stylish boots….congrats and Happy 40th birthday Jeanne.I hope your day was fab. May you be richly blessed in the year ahead. Hugs xxx

  8. dawnielle says

    Sorrrrryyyyy I missed your 40!!! I’m right behind ya sista! You were happy with boots – I’d need an entire outfit to go along with ūüėČ Hope it was fab…..

  9. says

    What a lucky gal you are. Do take care when skiing, don’t go and copy Natasha Richardson. :-s Hearing about freak accidents just make me more paranoid about icy sports…