Waiter, there’s something in my… sweet/savoury swap!

WTSIM logo undated Last weekend I had the great pleasure of going to dinner with my friends Greg and Gail – the same ones who invited us over on Christmas day.  It's a rare pleasure because they now live in Sydney and I don't get to see them often.  It's also a slightly unusual friendship because… Gail was my Latin teacher at high school! So not only was I a Latin geek, apparently I was also teacher's pet ;-)  Anyway, today we are great friends and the dinner at Skylon (more on that in another post) was filled with much laughter and bonhomie.  After dinner (or more pertinently, after 2 bottles of wine!) we departed, and on the way to the station Gail and I inexplicably started warbling the first few lines of our old school song. 

As you do. 

One of the lines from said school song that I have always remembered is "old Father Tempus is flying, is flying".  How could I have known at 13 that this would become the story of my life?? Time has flown right past me, leaving me trailing breathlessly in its wake (although this could be more of a reflection of my total lack of commitment to any sort of gym routine!) and it's mid-January.  Seeing as I am the host for this month's Waiter There's Something in My… event (hosted in turn by me, Johanna and Andrew) I thought this would be as good a time as any to announce the theme for the January edition.

May I have the envelope please?  And the theme for Jan is [insert drum roll here] ……..  Sweet & savoury swap!  

Confused?  Don't be!  What you need to do is to make a savoury version of a traditionally sweet dish (e.g. vegetable tarte tatin or savoury pannacotta or savoury shortbread) or a sweet version of a traditionally savoury dish (e.g. dessert pizza or sweet soup) – you get the picture!  Be as creative as you like – breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.  There may be some grey areas – souffles or muffins spring to mind – but as long as you can convince me that you are departing radically from your lifelong perception of the dish as sweet/savoury, you're in!

As usual, here are the rules:

1. Write up your sweet/savoury swap dish on your blog, remembering to include a link back to this announcement in your post.  Please do not submit an old post – dishes should be made specifically for this event.

2.  E-mail me.  Please make sure that Waiter there's something in my features in the subject line.

3. In the e-mail please include:

  • your name
  • your blog's name and URL 
  • the URL of your entry
  • the name of the dish
  • your approximate location

4.  The deadline for entries is Monday 2 February and I hope to have the roundup posted later that week.

5.  When the roundup is posted, please also include a link to that in your post.

Can't wait to see what you inventive, clever people come up with for this one!

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  1. says

    Jeanne, I am thinking to join. February 2? I think I can make it! Wait, one question. Do you have to create your own recipe, or can the recipe be from a book?

  2. says

    I’m going to have to think hard about this one – the kids were saying yuck at the idea of a candy pizza – from some film or book they’d been indulging in – tehy don’t take kindly to traditions being overturned!

  3. says

    this is such a great idea! also hard work, but let’s forget that for a moment! am wrecking my brain already as to what i could make… as they say: the possibilities are endless, but in this case they also have to be edible, right?

  4. says

    Sounds cool. As I am stranded in sub zero weather, I will have to think of my inspoiration and hoepfully can make it to the store and start playing.I will post this event on the DB forum too.

  5. Browniegirl says

    Oooooh it’s going to be interesting to see what comes out of this one. I will be watching….might even try one myself :o) Have a great weekend xxx