Potato and Jerusalem artichoke gratin


20071215_lunchathomepotatotopinamboI have written previously about my deep affection for Jerusalem artichokes (also known as sunchokes or topinambours. In fact, pretty much the only thing to my mind that compensates me for the seasonal disappearance of broad beans is the appearance of Jerusalem artichokes!

Last weekend I had a few people round to lunch and needed a satisfying, creamy starch dish.  Yes, I could have made plain old potato bake, but I had three Jerusalem artichokes on the fridge that I wanted to use.  And then I saw this post from Anne’s Food and just like that, the decision was made.

The two work wonderfully well together.  The Jerusalem artichoke on its own as a bake might be a little too strident, but together with the potato it creates a happe balance between bland and strident – and of course, the cream and the melty cheese just make the whole dish that much more indulgent :-)

Thanks Anne!

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3 medium Jerusalem artichokes
4 medium waxy potatoes
1 medium onion, sliced
single cream
salt and pepper
grated Cheddar


Butter a shallow oven-proof dish and pre-heat the oven to 180C.

Peel the Jerusalem artichokes and scrub the potatoes well (no need to peel).  Slice the artichokes chokes and the potatoes into thin 2mm slices.

Cover the base of the buttered dish with a single layer of potatoes.  Scatter some sliced onions over it, pour some cream over and season with salt and pepper.  Cover this layer with a layer of Jerusalem artichoke slices, onion and cream as described above.  Repeat, alternating layers, and finishing with a layer of potato.

Place in the pre-heated overn, uncovered, for about an hour or until soft.  Sprinkle the grated cheese on top and pop under the grill so that it melts.

And then tuck into a dish of pure comfort!

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  1. says

    Perfect! I’ve just been trying to come up with something new to go with the braised beef I’m making…. Thank you, ma’am!
    I love the little gnarly things, as well!

  2. says

    you know what? that’s exactly what we had on christmas day. mine were peeled and there was no cheese involved… just creme fraiche. but we have created a new tradition with this year’s roast (brined) prok (fillet) and shall be making this every year henceforward… a star is born.
    also, you’re probably not rading your comments while you’re rleaxing your aching muscles, but we might pay gustav a visit tomorrow – taking my parents to the borough and then canary wharf! lunch at 1802 mmmh!

  3. says

    This sounds great. I have seen jerusleum artichokes in the store and wondered what to do with them. Now I am tempted too pick some up and have a go!

  4. says

    I hope you had a wonderful christmas and wonderful snow in andorra! We went last year and unfortunately had only snow from the snow canons, but the rest was wonderful. I also wish you a great and inspiring 2008 and I’m eager to see everything you come up with! Love your topinambours gratin…I’ll never tire of them.

  5. says

    Seeing as you enjoy Jerusalem artichokes, have you ever tried oca or yacon? I have read good things about both but not yet seen them for sale here. London being London though I figure it might pop up on occasion over there.