We are the champions



To the 15 men who carried the hopes and dreams of 48 million people on their shoulders last night and did not drop them, all I can say is THANK YOU – and you deserve it.

You had me on the edge of my seat all through the match and you had me in tears when you received the trophy and hugged President Mbeki one by one as you filed past, victorious.

On Friday (according to my colleagues), we were overconfident.

Today, we are the world champions.

And tonight I raise my glass and have a proudly South African springbokkie in your honour.


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  1. Mavielle says

    Congratulations to the Springboks!!! They really deserved the Cup !! I am not so proud of the French XV… I love rugby but for the last match Argentina-France I cheered the Pumas, “my” XV was losing what makes me love French rugby usually.
    You are the Champions ;o)

  2. Sarah Pipilini says

    Touche! My dear BeeJay, Touche!!!
    I too was aroused by the sight of our green-n-gold gilted gallantry. Tears oozed from my ducts and I couldn’t but help myself from shouting ‘Bravo, Butch, Bravo’!

  3. says

    Yay, Amabokke! I watched with seven other South Africans on Saturday and it was a thrill. We didn’t have any of those nice-looking green drinks, but we did have Savanna cider and Windhoek lager.

  4. says

    There was much excitement here and relief that the stress was all over! We had a divided camp though, as my parents are over from the UK …my son had no problem with divided loyalties – he was cheering the Boks wholeheartedly even way after his bedtime …and after his mum had dozed off on the sofa too!

  5. says

    What a proud day for South Africa. No matter what people say about us, we sure do know how to play rugby. Being overconfident is fine, when you back a winner!

  6. Kelly says

    American here and I don’t know the game at all -but glad you won – and wondering what is that drink in the photograph?
    Love your site.

  7. Sally says

    Wow! I’ve only realized now that the Bokke won! That’s amazing!
    I really have no excuse for such an incredible lapse – except that Denver was giddy with excitement over their baseball team getting into the World Series for the first time ever. (They went on to lose all four games to the Boston Red Sox.) Okay – as I type this I know that this is a really lame excuse. Congratulations!!