DMBLGiT September – and the winners are…


Well folks, the web album has been up for a while, the judges have had a close look and the score-sheets are in.  This month, your hard-working judges were Andrew, Ilva, Johanna and myself – and given the standard of the entries let me assure you that we certainly did have to work hard!  I looked back at my scoresheet for a previous edition of the competition which I judged (in Feb 2006) and saw comments like “focus!!”, “this needs cropping” and “what’s the point?”.  And the good news is that these basic errors now hardly feature in my comments to myself – the technical standard has just improved in leaps and bounds.  That said, every competition has to have its winners and its losers…  so let’s meet our winners!


Tied for first place were:


Lila Fuge‘s droolworthy salted caramel ice cream with fig compote


Rasa Malaysia‘s exquisitely composed steamed scallops with soy sauce and garlic oil.

Tied for second place were:


P’tit Miam Tout en Colour‘s beautifully restrained pineapple ginger refrigerator cheesecake


Le Petrin‘s delicious looking port tiramisu

And in third place was


1001 Recettes‘s serene coffee – what else?


Tied for first place were: Rasa Malaysia‘s steamed scallops with soy sauce and garlic oil and Le Petrin‘s port tiramisu (both pictured above).

Tied runners-upwere P’tit Miam Tout en Colour‘s pineapple ginger refrigerator cheesecake (pictured above) and


Coffee and Vanilla‘s picture-pertect blueberry muffin


In first place was Lila Fuge‘s salted caramel ice cream with fig compote (pictured above) and tied runners-up were P’tit Miam Tout en Colour‘s pineapple ginger refrigerator cheesecake (pictured above) and


For the Love of Food‘s funky IKEA kebabs.


In first place was Rasa Malaysia‘s steamed scallops with soy sauce and garlic oil (pictured above). Runner-up was 1001 Recettes‘s serene coffee – what else? (pictured above).


To my great joy, Andrew also informed my that my hosting privileges extended to giving award “host awards” to highlight pictures that did not necessarily get the most points, but that I personally loved. Not to say that I did not love the winners above, of course, but two pictures that appealed to me from the first time I saw them were:


Thyme for Food‘s acorn squash and cookies gelato


Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once‘s Fractal Romanesco broccoli

And that, as they say, is all folks. Congratulations to all the worthy winners and thank you very much to all those who participated, especially to those participants with whom I had lovely e-mail conversations. I have discovered new blogs, revisited old favourites and been inspired by all your beautiful pictures. See you next month when Bake or Break will be hosting!

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  1. says

    Excellent work sir, excellent work.
    It is quite a task sorting all the submissions out let alone having to actually grade them all. I found the standard excellent (yet again) but several I liked I see didnt quite make it! Shame… but congrats to those that did!

  2. says

    Ahh, congrats to the winners. I really loved the Serene Coffee photo! But all the winners were great. As my first time trying to participate in foodblogging events, I love that I found so many great blogs and photographers. So much to learn.
    Great work hosting!

  3. says

    I’m speechless :) Thank you so much for organizing, hosting and judging this event and of course for picking my pic as the winner! Congrats to all the winners, there are some really great photos on the list.

  4. says

    Thank you so much for this job! I can imagine it’s not easy to be a judge with this kind of pictures! Each ones of the album has something! I really love the first winners’s picture!

  5. says

    Wow I’m so happy!! Thank you so much for choosing my photo, I’m so proud.. especially because it figures my daughter’s hand!! Thanks again to the judges and especially to you Jeannec for a wonderful organization!!

  6. says

    Andrew – I agree, the standard is just fantastically high. Makes judging hard but also more interesting. And I know what you mean about some favourites not making it – which is why I appreciate the chance to hand out host awards :)
    Chenette – welcome and I’m glad you enjoyed your first DMBLGIT! It’s a great way to meet some very talented people and discover their blogs.
    Suganya – isn’t it a fab shot? Lots of them had me thinking “awww, I wish I’d thought of that!”. Inspirational.
    Susan – thanks, it was my pleasure!
    AV – it was a tough job but also great fun. And you always gain inspiration in the process!
    Rasa Malaysia, Claude and Lila Fuge – you are all most welcome and let me say again what very worthy winners your astonishing pictures were!
    $ha – it’s a pleasure – although I must say that it gets harder and harder to judge as the quality increases month after month!
    Katie and Tricolor – truly gorgeous aren’t they! Very worthy winners.
    Margot – congratulations to you once again – and your picture was an easy choice :)
    Bee, Evelin, Sara and TBC – glad you enjoyed our choice of winners. The pleasure really was ours!
    Lien – dit was my plesier! Hoop ons sien jou volgende maand weer :)
    June – that host award was a no-brainer in my book. I fell in love with your photo the first time I laid eyes on it :) Well done!
    Avital – it was a well-deserved win – and tell your daughter her hand is now famous :)
    Auntie Jo – I agree! I feel woefully inadequate in this company…!
    Sona and Lemongrass – this month’s host is Jennifer at Bake or Break (